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How can I set a Url in a webview if I have many buttons with diferents Urls?
by AFurryReptile in Programming Languages

For example if I have 3 buttons and I want to use this buttons to redirect to differents urls without use many webviews but only one webview.

button1 = http://facebook.com
button2 = http://twitter.com
button3 = http://youtube.com

Configuring StructureMap Container, one object with diferents types
by Alex Bartzas in Programming Languages

I have this configuration:

ObjectFactory.Configure(x =>

MySQL, PHP Inner join and show results in diferents tables html
by silvervino in PHP

I have a small problem. I have two tables in a database:

[place] [client]
id country id name id_place
-------------- ------------------------
1 Canada 1 Mike 1
2 USA 2 Susan 1
3 China 3 Juan 3
best way to implement diferents views of a same webpage depending on certains attributes in grails
by SystemOverclock in Web Design

I would like to have diferent views of a webpage depending on certains attributes of an item that I am showing.

This is: if the item is in the category X then I show some sections of the page. In other category I show others.

There is others attributes of the item.

I am aware of the multitenant plugin, but I think that is not what I am looking for.


how to diferece customers when go to my web since two domains diferents in Magento with same websit, store and store view?
by Simon Dick in Web Design

i want how to diference between customer of two domains.
For example:

local.pruebas.es --->from spain
local.pruebas.extra --->from extra source.

the two domains go to my site and .extra domain for example from a marketing campaing.

I think that the solution can be create a observer, for example:



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