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Excel 2005: Difference between two days, counting hour difference
Category : Programming Languages

I've been trying to get this Excel function working correctly, and I've hit a wall. I'm trying to calculate the exact difference in days between two dates, taking the start time into account as well as the start day. Seems like this should be a common need?


Start Date End Date Expected Result
9/20/2010 8:00am 9/22/201

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Is there a key binding for Next Difference and Previous Difference in Eclipse Compare Editor?
Category : Web Design

In compare editor there are buttons

Next Difference
Previous Difference
Next Change
Previous Change

I'd like to assign key bindings for Next Difference and Previous Difference buttons. However in preferences I see only Select Next Change and Select Previous Change commands (both in category Compare). How can I assign key bindings to buttons referring to differenc

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Calculating the difference between 2 times, and then compare the difference to see if it is less than 5 minutes
Category : Programming Languages

hey guys,
I want to calculate the difference between two times and then compare difference is less than 5 MIN..
Please note I want difference in min. using c#.net

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Difference between Concern and Responsibility ( ie difference between SRP and SoC )?
Category : Web Design

SRP - each class should have just one responsibility ( ie reason to change)
Separation of Concerns is the process of breaking a computer program into distinct features that overlap in functionality as little
as possible. A concern is any piece of interest or focus in a program.
(Concern == feature of system. )

a) To my understanding the only differenc

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calculate time difference and display popup based on time difference
Category : Programming Languages

im writing a small calendar based on php and jquery which has the a function to calculate the time difference and display a popup 15 minutes before.

Can some one tell me how can i calculate the time difference in minutes and popup 15 minutes before.

my time is saved as

18-07-2012 15:13:54

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How do you compare 2 lists and return the difference? (difference function in python does not return what I need)
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to find the difference between 2 lists. Basically, I want to know everything that is in list 1 that is not in list 2. The best way to explain it, is with an example:

List1 = [a, a, b, c, d, e]
List2 = [a, b, c, d]
In this example, I would like a function that would return [a, e]

When I use the difference function in python, it will only

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In what situations does the difference between random numbers generated on [0,1) and those generated on [0,1] make a difference?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm used to pseudo random number generators that return floating point values in the half open interval [0,1).

I've seen some reference to RNGs that can return values on the closed interval [0,1], e.g. this implementation of the Mersenne Twister.

I can see reasons why you'd want to exclude one, or both, of the endpoints for mathematical reasons, e.g.

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Difference between “open-ended lists” and “difference lists”
Category : Web Design

What is the difference between "open-ended lists" and "difference lists"?

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What Is the Difference Between a CCU & ICU?
Category : Health
Hospitals can be intimidating, and the alphabet soup of specialized departments can be especially confusing. Two of the areas treating the most critically ill patients are the ICU and CCU. The ICU, or Intensive Care Unit, cares for the critically ill patient. The CCU is an acronym that can stand for Coronary Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit or Critical Care Unit. Critical Care Unit is simply anothe

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Is there any difference between 1U and 1 in c?
Category : Programming Languages
while ((1U << i) < nSize) {

Any particular reason to use 1U instead of 1?

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