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The Difference in a CD-R, DVD-R & a CD-RW
by Omer72 in Computers
Since the mid-1990s, computers have made use of drives that rely on disc-based media. This kind of media is able to hold a large amount of data compared to the older floppy disc storage format. While these drives may look identical because they all make use of the same type of media, the CD-R, DVD-R, and CD-RW all perform different functions and serve their computers (and users) in different ways.
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Difference Between WAV & MP3
by Tmf in Computers
The WAV file format is the native audio format for Windows-based computers. People often refer to the WAV format interchangeably with CD audio, because its specifications are the same--a standard WAV file is 16 bits with a sample frequency of 44.1 KHz, the same as an audio CD. However, MP3 files have these specifications as well with a significantly smaller file size. The MP3 format is a form of l

What Is the Difference Between CRM and VRM?
by denis280 in Business
Managing a business is a learning process, especially when it comes to managing customers. With all the customer management options available, sometimes it's hard to decide which is best for your business. Two commonly discussed strategies are customer relationship management (CRM) and vendor relationship management (VRM). Knowing the benefits of each can help you decide which is best for your bus

Difference in SDR & DDR
by bdurbin in Computers
Computer memory comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes. SDR and DDR RAM chips are no exception. However, there are significant differences between the two types of computer memory, and it was one of the designs that heralded the evolution of the other. The leap in design between the SDR and DDR chips is noticeable. DefinedFrom a technical perspective, both SDR and DDR chips are SDRAM. SDR memor
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The Difference Between IE 7 & IE 8
by sham63 in Internet
Microsoft's web browser, Internet Explorer, is installed by default on Windows operating systems. Each subsequent version of Internet Explorer adds new stability and optimization features along with security fixes and speed improvements. Internet Explorer 8 improved a number of features that were introduced in Internet Explorer 7 and added several brand new features, such as search accelerators an

DX or FX: What Is the Difference?
by xSauronx in Electronics
A digital camera's sensor is the essential component that converts lens optics into an electric signal that is then converted into a digital image. Camera sensors vary in size depending on the camera model. Nikon uses two types of sensors in its digital SLRs: FX and DX. While the two sensors types serve the same function, they do have notable differences. Crop FactorThe decisive difference betw
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The Pay Difference Between an LPN & an RN
by cengel4 in Business
Pay differences between a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and a registered nurse (RN) generally exist because RNs are required to have more education and training than LPNs. Health-care professionals who work as RNs also perform more complicated functions than LPNs, like administering shots. In addition to their education and work experience, the location at which LPNs and RNs work affects the am

Difference Between BMW 525 & 535
by mg. in Cars
The BMW 5-Series is a group of high performance sedans that was first released in the 1970s. The 525i trim level was replaced after the 2007 model year, while the 535i trim level remains active for 2011. Although both trim levels look relatively similar, there are differences when it comes to their engines, measurements and features. EnginesThe 525i model featured a 3.0-liter in-line six-cylind

What Is the Difference Between CCS & CCA?
by George Garchagudashvili in Careers & Job Searching
Some people want to work in healthcare but don't have the desire to work hands-on with patients. These job-seekers can turn to the administrative side of healthcare by way of medical coding. Medical coding translates healthcare information into codes for insurance companies and healthcare providers to use for reimbursement and statistical tracking. CCSs and CCAs are two types of positions that dea

The Difference Between an A.B. Ed.U. and a Ph.D.
by Nate-X in Education
In any field of education, there are a number of different degrees that recognize various levels of study and knowledge within that field; different degrees demonstrate different levels of expertise and qualification to participate within a field. The A.B. and Ph.D. degrees in the field of education emerge from different programs and demonstrate varying levels of pedagogical expertise. A.B./B.A

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