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RDLC, showing diffrent images/pictures on diffrent database values, c#
by vxnick in C & C++ & C#

How can i show diffrent pictures based on a value in the databse in my rdlc report?
for example, costumer - K1, wants picture1, while costumer K2, wants picture2. But i want this value insted to show a picture.

My costumers is insterted into a table. And then sent to the rdlc. This is working so i can fetch the diffrent costumer names, but I want the value 1 to show picture 1 w

How to make diffrent Orientations for diffrent tabs in tabbar application ios 6
by Josh Freed in Operating Systems

Hi all I'm developing tab bar application in ios6 and what I want to achieve is for the first tab i need to support both portrait and landscape modes, when user moves to next tab screen force to landscape and it should use same. Is this possible in ios6?
Thanks in Advance

How come, diffrent text files become diffrent sizes after compression?
by zuz in Programming Languages

I have file of some random text size = 27 gb and after compression it becomes 40 mb or so.

And a 3.5 GB sql file become 45 Mb after compression.

But a 109 mb text file become 72 mb after compression so what can be wrong with it.

Why so less compressed, it must 10 mb or so , or i am missing something .

All files as i can see is English text only a

How I can define diffrent css files for diffrent browsers in asp.net?
by Mattias Reichel in Programming Languages

How I can define css files for diffrent browsers? For Example I want that if a User use the firefox that a div is width='1000px' and if a User use IE 7- 9 or higher have a div witdh='800px'.

I work with ASP.NET and C#. What can I do if I want make a Application for more Browser?

DIsplaying diffrent HTML page in DIffrent pages of page based application
by Virginia in Operating Systems

I'm creating a page based application in which i want to display different .html file in a UIWebView of different pages, I'm not finding way to do it can any one help me?? thanks in Advance

Diffrent Types of Asthma
by taviso in Health
Asthma is a dangerous condition where the airways to the lungs (bronchial tubes) inflame. Breathing becomes difficult and sometime impossible. The disease occurs in both children and adults, but there are different types of asthma with slightly varying symptoms. There are also a number of triggers that can cause asthma. Allergic AsthmaAllergens like pollen, dust and pets can trigger asthma. In

debug dll in in diffrent solution
by Allan in Programming Languages

i have a *.exe project that was written in one solution under vs2005 and i have aDll file
that the *.exe project is using.
the problem is that the dll was written in adiffrent solution and when i try to make attach
to the *.exe file (after i run it) from the dll solution in order to debug the dll , i get no symbols are loaded error (and i cant debug the dll) altough symbols were

Diffrent image on each click
by snapshooter in Mobile Programming

In my application , im having 4 images ,i want to show diffrent images on each click.How to show different images on each click?Here my code for single image

rightongbanner.image=[UIImage imageNamed:@"correct.png"];
timer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:2.5 ta

diffrent response IE-8 and FF getElementById()
by Milindur in Development Tools & Services

i have a function what does the following

function test() {
document.getElementById("main").innerHTML="show wait";
// do stuff
document.getElementById("main").innerHTML="show finished";

In FF the div will show "show wait", do the other stuff for 4 seconds and
then show "show finished"

In IE it will only show

confused by diffrent ADK libraries
by bjorngylling in Web Design

i am trying to setup Arduino IDE v 1.0.1 to work with Ardunio mega ADK , i setup everything but the problem that there are many adk libraries around specifically there are
adk_release_20120606 which can be downloaded from android developer website
and there are ArduinoADK-beta-001 which can be downloaded from ardunio labs http://la

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