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Custom Android Gallery Widget - How can I snap to the direction of onFling (never in the opposite direction)
by Barfo in Android

I have been trying for hours now to achieve something I believe pulse app has managed to do. That is to get the Android Gallery Widget to fling in one direction and then snap to the nearest item in that direction (default is snapping to the item which is closest to the center of the gallery).

This answer from another question points out that pulse did "extends Gallery", so I believ

Aligning contents of a div right. Getting 'direction: rtl' effect, without specifying the widths? while keeping text direction in input fields
by Randy K in Web Design

Aligning contents of a div to right edge. Getting 'direction: rtl' effect (right to left), without specifying the width of the div? while keeping text direction in input fields going ltr(left to right). Is it possible? Applying direction: right to div almost acheives effect, except text fields inputs also become rtl. (I guess align: right also works, but is depreciated)

Automatically align the children of div to bottom in vertical direction and left in horizontal direction when the div is resized
by fstender in Web Design

I am trying to arrange the children elements of a div to bottom of it automatically,when the div is resized . here is my html . please help me . thanks.

<div style="width:200px;height:200px;border:1px solid red;vertical-align:bottom;">
<input type="button" value="query" />

How to render <form:checkboxes> in page direction instead of line direction?
by danielsdesk in Programming Languages

I need to bind Map<Long, String> to checkboxes in a form.

Here is my code:

<form:form modelAttribute="flowForm" action="${flowExecutionUrl}">
<table style="width: 100%">
<td width="30%">Select A Group Please !</td>
<form:checkboxes i

How to draw line on a map if the guys is moving in zig zag direction or keep on changing the direction?
by dante in Programming Languages

Hi i want to just keep tracking of user in which directions he is moving i just wanna to know how can i draw it on map if guys keep on changing the track not in a straight line

Android touch direction northwest, northeast for UP direction
by obijywk in Coding

Sorry if the title sounds confusing - but this is what I am trying to do:

I have a large circular button on which I detect touch direction. I am able to find the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT from the dy and dx of the change in touch input coordinates like this:

if(Math.abs(dX) > Math.abs(dY)) {
if(dX>0) direction = 1; //left

how to understand Camera's properties like Position, Look Direction, Up Direction?
by greggerz in Development Tools & Services

I downloaded some sample from internet.
but the sharp always disappear when i changed any value of Position, or Look Direction, or Up Direction.
I can't understand these properties, can anyone help me?

what's relationship between these properties?
is there any sample to show these relationship?

Language translatation for direction information of Google Direction API
by Randy K in Web Design

Following is the my code for getting direction detail..

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"/>
<title>Google Maps API v3 Directions Example</title>
<script type="text/javascript"

How to Tell How Direction Is Indicated on a Map
by sql-server in Sports & Fitness
Maps are designed to be viewed as if you are looking at the earth from space, with the cardinal points of a map represented with the top of the map being north, the bottom south, the right being east and the left west. When traveling on established roadways, this information is enough to find your way from point A to point B. When traveling cross country, by boat, plane or on foot, you need to fo

Can I get direction using GPS?
by Bulk Beef in Mobile Programming

I am in need to get the direction of a person using IPhone GPS. Direction means where the person is heading. If he is heading towards North then it should say North or otherwise South, West, East any one out of these four.

Is there a way to get this value?

Added September 02, 2010

I just got that Magnetometer can help what I am looking of. But it raise anothe

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