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Apache Directory vs Microsoft Active Directory vs IBM Tivoli Directory vs Oracle Internet Directory
Category : Programming Languages

What are the points we should to consider when, looking for suitable directory service.

If you have idea about differences among these directory service (Apache Directory , Microsoft Active Directory , IBM Tivoli Directory , Oracle Internet Directory), please explain.

Best regards

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Java GUI builder - importing an image to a directory and a given directory with JFileChooser to a standard directory
Category : Programming Languages

This post is a part 2 post of another one enquiry I made just days ago. Then with this code I will put last and through JButton1 I was able to attach a file and make it visible in a window north and east to the application.
I am trying now to import a :

1) new image into a certain directory, for example into C:output

2)a whole directory(folder) of images, lets say

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Apache mod_rewrite never rewrite for existing directory except directory is certain directory?
Category : Development Tools & Services

A website http://www.example.com/ runs on a CMS and everything goes through it by rules set in .htaccess. When visiting http://www.example.com/ the user is redirected to one of the following paths depending on the user's language settings:


The /en/ and /fr/ directories don't

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.htaccess redirect directory 1 to directory 2 without matching directory 2
Category : Programming Languages

I have a situation where I'm trying to redirect all visits to site.com/news to site.com/dir/news. No matter what I do, I can't seem to match the site.com/news without also matching site.com/dir/news which results in an infinite redirect loop until the browser times out.

Here's my current code. Does anyone see what I'm missing here?

RewriteRule ^(.*)news $1dir/news [R=301,L]

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How to read Install Directory from MSI when no directory named as “INSTALLDIR”, “INSTALLDIRECTORY” in Directory table
Category : Programming Languages

I want to read Install Directory of a MSI. I am able to read Install directory when Install directory is specified by "INSTALLDIR", "INSTALLDIRECTORY" or "INSTALLLOCATION" in Directory table. But many msis doesn't contain "INSTALLDIR" or so. Then how to determine what is the install directory of particular msi.

Is there any specific list of keywords which could be used to specify In

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Plesk - Error adding subdomain “The specified directory contains a service directory”
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to create a subdomain and point it to etc/subdomains/home

Folder home only contains an index file.`

When I click ok I get this message: "The specified directory contains a service directory"

I tried with`etc/subdomains/home and etc/subdomains/home/index.php but I still get the error message.


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Apache Directory / Files directive - Allow directory listing but authenticate only when trying to open the file
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a directory that I share using Apache. I want to allow people to to view all files in the directory without logging in(authentication). But when they click on a file to view its contents I should then authenticate them. Can someone please help me ?

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IO Exception: directory name is invalid using directory from File System Watcher OnChanged Event
Category : Programming Languages

My C# application throws a System.IO.IOExcepton (The directory name is invalid) for the following code for implementing a filewatcher:

public void OnChanged(object source, FileSystemEventArgs e)
DirectoryInfo dList = new DirectoryInfo(e.FullPath);
FileInfo[] TxtFiles = dList.GetFiles("*.TXT");


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check directory path for symbols range and “..” up directory sign
Category : Programming Languages

I try to build RegExp to validate(preg_match) some path string for two following rules:

path must consists only symbols from given range [a-zA-z0-9-_///.]
path will not consist an up directory sequence ".."

this is a correct path example: /user/temp

and the bad one: /../user


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Netty, update sample code HttpStaticFileServerHandler to also return directory listing when a directory URL is specified
Category : Programming Languages

I'm wondering how I could modified this great example handler found here:


To also provide the ability to return a directory listing of files? Currently it will only serve files if the exact path and name to the file is specified, I would like to mo

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