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Disconnecting From SUP
Category : Operating Systems

My project supports two type of Connection viz SUP & Web Service. If user selects Web Service, connection to SUP should be disconnected. I use [SUPMessageClient stop] to disconnect. This functions stops the SUP, but when I try to connect to SUP again using [SUPMessageClient start] or [SUPMessageClient restart] none of the methods of call back handler gets called. Is this right way to disco

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My Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting on My iPhone
Category : Electronics
If your iPhone's Wi-Fi disconnects unexpectedly, you may be encountering one of several different problems. You could simply be receiving a poor signal; if the signal is weak or fluctuating, your Wi-Fi reception will reflect this. Your iPhone's software might also be malfunctioning, or you may have damaged the Wi-Fi receptor by dropping the phone or exposing it to liquid. NetworkBefore you conc

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I Have AIM & the Webcam Keeps Disconnecting Me
Category : Internet
Webcam integration adds a new level of intimacy to your online conversations, as long as you don't get disconnected first. AIM supports many webcams available on the market and can be used to video chat with anyone on your buddy list. AIM is available on both the Windows and Mac formats, and users of one format may chat with users of the other format. Several issues can be responsible for disconne

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Why Does My Wireless Internet Keep Disconnecting?
Category : Internet
While wireless Internet technology allows us greater mobility in the home and around town, you may also encounter issues with getting a good signal. This common problem has a variety of origins and also depends on your connection method. Terminology"Wireless Internet" can refer to two different things: a person using a laptop modem card to communicate over a cell phone network, or an

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iphone socket disconnecting after 1 min
Category : Operating Systems

We have following code for connecting to our server. This is part of iPhone App.

Problem is that recv(CFSocketGetNative(inSocketRef), &length, sizeof(length), 0);
call returns 0 after exactly 60 sec. We are not sending anything from server. I want it to wait for data or disconnection (either server or client initiated). However, it always returns after 60 sec.


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php socket server disconnecting
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to set up a socket server in php that stays open. This example taken from php.net will close after it receives connection...even after I comment out socket_close($spawn)

// set some variables
$host = "";
$port = 1234;
// don't timeout!
// create socket
$socket = socket_create(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM,

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Disconnecting Facebook from app on iOS6?
Category : Operating Systems

I'm using the latest Facebook iOS SDK, 3.1.1. I want to give users the option to "disconnect" our app from Facebook. I'm calling:

[[FBSession activeSession] closeAndClearTokenInformation];

That seems to work fine, but the next time I call

[FBSession openActiveSessionWithReadPermissions:allowLoginUI:completionHandler:handler];

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disconnecting from mongoDb with C++ driver
Category : C & C++ & C#

i'm sure this must be really simple or i'm missing the point, but how do you disconnect from Mongo using the C++ driver and DBClientConnection? DBClient has a public member of 'connect' but no disconnect/kill/drop etc that I can find.

There is some talk (in stack overflow and on the web) of using ScopedDBConnection which does seem to be able to allow me to drop my connection - but

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How to Stop iPod From Disconnecting
Category : Electronics
The iPod immediately disconnects from your Macintosh or Windows PC after synchronizing content to and from your computer when it is set to automatic synchronization. You can disable that method and change to manual synchronization if you wish to leave the iPod's connection open in the iTunes program. According to Apple, the iPod requires manual ejection before disconnecting it from the computer to

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How to Prevent Utorrent From Disconnecting
Category : Computers
uTorrent is the bite-sized file-sharing client designed by the company of the same name. The client occasionally disconnects from the Internet or even crashes for seemingly no reason. But with a little effort, you can prevent uTorrent from disconnecting.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Computer with Internet

Double-check the Internet connection and ensur

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