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How to Get KFC Discounts
by dfrolov in Food & Drink
Many restaurants and fast-food chains offer discounts and coupons for their food products, whether you eat at the establishment or take your food home. If you are big fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known these days as KFC, you should know that you can get your favorite meals at reduced prices by checking your local newspaper or going online to score discount coupons.Difficulty:EasyInstructi
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The Best Military Discounts
by gitano in Personal Finance
One of the perks to being in the military is the wide availability of discounts to those who serve or have served. Often, these discounts are at better rate than other discounts offered to the public, and they can last year-round, meaning that you don't have to change your plans to take advantage of them. VacationMilitary personnel can often see large savings on vacation costs, which tend to be

How to Get Discounts on Car Rentals
by Steve Downing in Business
Renting a car adds convenience when traveling or even when your car is in the shop and you need transportation. There are discounts advertised online that can help save you some money, but there are some other places you can look to get discounts on car rentals that you may not have considered. With a little extra effort, you can pay a lot less for your next rental car.Difficulty:Moderately EasyIn

Where Can One Get Hotel Discounts?
by Colorado in Travel
When the economy takes a downturn, many travelers decide to skip vacations. They fear that they can't pay the large prices attached to many hotels. However, these travelers should know that there are a few ways to easily save money and get hotel discounts. AAAAAA members automatically get discounts on travel related items such as rental cars and hotel rooms. Guests can present their card at the

How to Get Discounts on GEICO
by James Dio in Cars
GEICO is a company that offers vehicle insurance to consumers. One of the advertising tactics used by GEICO is marketing affordable car insurance to consumers that helps save people money, partly because of the variety of different types of discounts the company offers. To get these discounts, you first need to determine which ones available through GEICO apply to you and your situation. Then, you
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How to Find Discounts
by AJ. in Personal Finance
When every penny counts, discounts on purchases of all sizes can save you considerable money, either immediately or over time. Whether paying for products or services, most people agree that their money is better off in their pocket than in someone else's. When it comes to discounts, however, you're not limited to sales advertisements, coupons and rebates. There are several other ways to get an im
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How to Get Flight Discounts
by YuriyLazarev in Travel
Every time gasoline prices go up, so does airfare. Finding a discounted airline ticket takes flexibility, patience, time and resources, but the results could end up saving you hundreds of dollars. There are several tips that will help you navigate through the digital forest of discounted airfare websites to find your best deal for domestic or international flights. Be prepared to dedicate an hour
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How to Get Discounts on Satellite TV
by Gianluca Riccardi in Electronics
Just because you pay for TV does not mean it has to be expensive. There are creative and clever ways to cut the high cost of having Satellite TV and get one time and even monthly discounts. Satellite TV can be within your reach when you use these steps to get discounts.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Satellite Subscription
Coupon codes
What Are Insurance Discounts?
by Meg in Personal Finance
Buying insurance is important to protect your family's finances from unexpected events such as car accidents, damage to a home and death, but the cost of buying insurance can add up, especially when you carry several insurance policies. Insurance discounts are special incentives that insurance companies offer that reduce the price of insurance. Taking advantage of insurance discounts can significa

How to Multiply Discounts
by NoCreativity in Education
Getting a discount on something you want to buy is always exciting. Everyone looks for the clothing rack with the largest percent off. The discount might bring the item down to what you want to pay, but the only way to know is to multiply the discount to find the actual price. Unless you carry a calculator in your back pocket at all times, you will need to know how to perform this calculation.Diff

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