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Discovering other objects while doing TDD
by SeaSerpent in Development Tools & Services

I am trying to practice TDD.

My understanding is that TDD should go like this

Write a test list for the interface/class I am going to develop.
Start with the easiest not implemented test from my test list.
Write the test, no implementation code yet.
Write the interface of the class to make the code compile.
Run the test resulting in one failing test.
POS.NET discovering pos printers
by malbojah in Programming Languages

I use PosExplorer.GetDevices method to look for printers available on network. However, the DeviceInfo object in the DeviceCollection returned by GetDevices() method does not include information on LogicalNames, HardwareId, HardwarePath.

In my app, I need to discover available printers and create an instance of those printers.

I am using epson t88iv printers.

pyUSB Not Discovering Devices
by Waynew in Programming Languages

So, I've installed libusb and pyUSB on my OS X Lion (10.7.3) machine, and I have the following script running:

import usb
import time
if __name__ == "__main__":
while True:
busses = usb.busses()
print busses[0]
print busses[0].__dict__

I have a single USB device plugged in: a

My iPhone Bluetooth Is Not Discovering
by AnthonyC in Electronics
Bluetooth is a feature of many electronic devices that allows you to connect other devices wirelessly and without an Internet connection. It works over short distances, transmitting signals similar to radio waves. With this feature on the iPhone, you can connect other wireless devices, such as a cordless headset for taking hands-free phone calls or a keyboard for easier typing. However, some issue

Function for discovering encoding from BOM
by Henschkowski in Programming Languages

I was wondering whether the python library has a function that returns a file's character encoding by looking for the presence of a BOM.

I've already implemented something, but I'm just afraid I might be reinventing the wheel

Update: (based on John Machin's correction):

import codecs
def _get_encoding_from_bom(fd):
first_bytes = fd.read(4)
C#: Discovering Extension Methods
by Eric in Programming Languages

What tools or techniques do you recommend for discovering C# extension methods in code? They're in the right namespace, but may be in any file in the solution.


How can I find all extension methods (and navigate to them) on the current type in the code window?

I do have Resharper (v4), so if that has a mechanism I'm not aware of - please share!

Discovering the iOS App Purchase Date
by coding-style in Operating Systems

I'm explicitly NOT referring to in-app purchases.

Is it possible to discover the purchase date of the application itself on iOS?

I'd like to reward early purchasers. Rewarding early users (those who launched the app) is not the way to go. I'd like to reward people who bought the game, for example, between Jan 1st and Jan 31st, even the portion of customers who who made

Discovering the user's first and last names?
by ChaseVoid in Mobile Programming

I am trying to programmatically discover the first and last names of the iPhone user. Is this possible at all? Calling this ...

getpwuid( getuid() )->pw_gecos == "Mobile User"

..alas. Iterating over the address book finds all address book records, but doesn't distinguish between the device owner and anyone else (that I can tell).

Given that th

Decryption without client discovering key
by ShortOne in Web Design

Can anyone think of a method which would allow for client-side decryption of a publicly available file without the client being able to determine the decryption key? Of course, if the key was in a JavaScript variable then it would be readily available to the user. Any ideas?

Discovering capabilities of Ruby gem
by Martin Dobrev in Programming Languages

The Ruby (and RoR) community publishes a large number of gems. But more often than not using these gems requires a good amount of effort, specially if one is new to Ruby. It would to be nice if Ruby experts (rockstars) share the best approaches to utilize inadequately documented gems.



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