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Ajax display using php to display navigation with image display in directory
Category : PHP

Hi can someone help me with this project here is the image

I'm having multiple problems if anyone can help me with this and some coding in here The image.php which has the blue image uses php that get's the image name, description , etc and the image is stored in a directory that the php calls only the name..

the problem is that when i call the page the image doesn't sho

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detect property display from no display to display block
Category : Web Design

I am trying to detect when an elements display property has changed. Initially the element has no display property. I want to alert when the element has changed. I've tried the following the code, but nothing alerts.

document.getElementById('xxx').addEventListener('DOMAttrModified', function(e){
if (e.attrName === 'style') {
if (e.newValue === 'block') {

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how can I manage to display the table Product Display Node at the frontpage of my website instead of the default product display
Category : Web Design

I have seen and managed to do my products to be displayed like this http://vimeo.com/22746978 so I made the table of my products but how can I manage to display this table at the frontpage of my website so as when customer types example.com will see the table and not the default product display?
A hint is when you make this Product display node, drupal makes you a url that you can see it

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float:left; vs display:inline; vs display:inline-block; vs display:table-cell;
Category : Web Design
My Question(s)

Are any of these methods preferred by a professional web designer?

Are any of these methods prefereed by a web browser when drawing the website?

Is this all just personal preference?

Are there other techniques I'm missing?

Note: Above questions are in regards to designing a multi-column layout



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Creating video tutorials on Linux for my application want to display keystrokes in heads up display?
Category : Operating Systems

I am running Ubuntu 9.04 and have done about a half hour worth of searching. I am creating a visual tutorial for a developed application and would like a good looking way to show keys pressed to the user. While not specifically programming related this is of interest to programmers.

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Adobe flex : want DropDownList custom renderer to display values in hex AND display the chosen value in hex
Category : Programming Languages

I have some data that I want stored in decimal, but displayed in hex in an s:DropDownList. I have developed the custom renderer and the drop down list displays the numbers in hex fine, BUT when the number is selected it is displayed in decimal. I want the number to be stored as decimal, but always displayed in hex, both in the dropdown and when chosen. How can I do this?

The cust

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How to display graphical layout previews for different user selected display font sizes
Category : Programming Languages

The ADT (ver 21) allows preview thumbnails for various displays.
Android allows the user to select a small/normal/large/huge font size in Settings->Display.
The Android setting may affect the display setting, requiring additional design considerations.

Is there a way to preview a "Normal" display font selection, as well as a "Huge" font selection?

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jQuery slideToggle() Issues - Change display:block to display:inline-table?
Category : Web Design

I'm using jQuery's slideToggle() function to control the expand/collapse feature of my website. Currently, I only have one page which has been developed upon before I implement it across the site; here it is.

By default, jQuery slideToggle() uses display="block" which isn't helping me. I'd like to make it use display="inline-table" instead when a panel is expanded, and revert back t

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display image form other sever and path display on browser should be mine server
Category : Programming Languages

I want to show some images from other sites but i want my own servers url without storing at my end.

in code i write like this

<img src="http://image.com/ab.gif"/>

but on bowser source display as

<img src="http://mysite.com/ab.gif"/>

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How to create a CGBitmapContext which works for Retina display and not wasting space for regular display?
Category : Operating Systems

Is it true that if it is in UIKit, including drawRect, the HD aspect of Retina display is automatically handled? So does that mean in drawRect, the current graphics context for a 1024 x 768 view is actually a 2048 x 1536 pixel Bitmap context?

(Update: if I create an image using the current context in drawRect and print its size:

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