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Select box hides the lengthy text as its option when displayed in IE whereas it is displayed perfect with Firefox
by Vlad Sirenko in Web Design

Select box hides the lengthy text as its option when displayed in IE whereas it is displayed perfect with Firefox, How can I rectify this issue...

<select name="product" id="product" style="width:135px;" onChange="javascript:refill();bannersize();">
<option value="">Select Product</option>
<?php while($result=mysql_fetch_object($sql_query))<

ASP.net: dropdown opened for selection is displayed in front of/above Menu displayed by Mouse Hover
by AnthonyC in Programming Languages

We have a asp.net menu control placed on Master Page and and there is a DropDown on the Content Page, both these are asp.net server controls.

On Master Page:

<asp:Menu ID="NavigationMenu" runat="server" CssClass="menu"
EnableViewState="false" IncludeStyleBlock="false" >

as3/Flex: 720x1280 bitmaps aren't properly displayed on FlashDebugger but are displayed OK on browser
by glenn1 in Programming Languages

I'm trying to display 720x1280 bitmaps on an container/application with the same size.
If I run Flash Debugger 11.1, images just cover the half of the application's size (and image's one).
However if I run the SWF on a browser (Firefox), images are displayed with its right size.

For 640x480 resolutions there are no problems on both debugger and browser.

I'm usi

Images in table view displayed in simulator but not displayed in my iPod device
by Tmf in Mobile Programming

I have a table view . and i have image file in my application folder and in Xcode.proj

Basically table view cell has an image view in it.

When i write code like this

cell.imageView.image = [UIImage imageNamed:@"Icon.png"] ;
cell.textlabel.text = @"icon Image"

**it shows image and text in simmulater

but only text in dev

kmz file not displayed in google earth plugin - have to zoom and dezoom to get it displayed
by Verbal in Web Design

I have to display large kml files into my website with the google earth plugin. The model seems to be always correctly downloaded but not displayed: sometimes i have to right click on the plugin like 5 or 6 times to see the model being displayed.
after that it is corrctly displayed if i reload the page.

i'm using the following code:

<script type="text/javascr

Google map not displayed in my android application now it displayed before two days
by gnirpaz in Android

I developed apps with google map.I got map key i got google map in my application two days before .I did nt change anything but now i did not get the google map only show boxes .The logcat show couldn't get connection factory client error.I searched this error but i can't get clear ans as well as map .So plz anyone help me to solve this problem.

Thanks ,

Images from ftp are displayed in mozilla but not displayed in chrome
by static AG in Programming Languages

I am working in a project in which I am getting the images from ftp.

My problem is that when the application is run in Mozilla the images are displayed and I gave the user name and password that is set in app.config, but in chrome the images are not displayed.

Please help that the images are will be displayed and I would not give the p=user name and password.

How to know if a Spinner is displayed or is no longer displayed
by billputer in Programming Languages

Is there a callback/method I can use to tell is a Spinner is displayed?
And is there a callback/method I can use to tell when the Spinner is no longer displayed?

setOnItemSelectedListener/onItemSelected is called when an item from the list is selected - but is there any method/callback when the list is removed because the user touches outside the list?

How do I get the position of a form and the screen it is displayed on, and restore that the next time my form is displayed?
by Pedro Varela in Programming Languages

I have 2 monitors and I need to save form position and it should show on screen where it was closed.

Can someone suggest how to get screen on which it is, and on form load show it on screen where form was closed?

The settings I save in registry.

image displayed in iphone emulator is not displayed in the iphone device
by Tom D in Mobile Programming

I downloaded few images from google and converted them to PNG using the windows paint (xp) application. Later i copied them to my mac machine and deployed the application with my new image. It is properly displayed in the simulator. Later I connected my iphone and deployed on the device. All images are displayed except this one. What has to be done ?

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