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Cocos2d - Initial app layer displays incorrectly on app load, displays appropriately after reload
Category : Web Design

I'm using a GameManager singleton to handle some of the shared tasks required by my game. One of those tasks is loading individual game scenes. When the game starts up, whichever scene/layer combo I have displayed appears incorrectly; it looks like maybe the coordinates that items are positioned in relation to are wrong.

It doesn't matter which layer I choose–they all appear inc

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How to pass data between two View Controllers where the first VC displays Address Book People Picker and second VC displays the selected contact ??
Category : Web Design

I have 2 view controllers both embedded in a navigation controller. The first view controller has a button which when clicked on brings up the Address Book. Once I select a contact it shows me the other View Controller but contact information is null. I don't know how to pass on the selected contact to second view controller as 'prepare for segue ' method is fired before the AddressBook Dialog

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CRT Vs. LCD Displays
Category : Computers
CRT monitors are symbols of an era highlighted by inefficient energy use and cramped desk space. LCD monitors are less taxing on the energy bill and take up less space, but how different are they from CRT monitors? Cathode Ray TubeThe cathode-ray tube (CRT) is made up of a bulbous vacuum tube, an electron gun (the cathode ray) and a phosphorescent screen. The flow or electrons are guided by the

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LED Vs. LCD Displays
Category : Electronics
LED (light emitting diode) and LCD (liquid crystal display) screens sound fundamentally different on the surface. In reality though, both displays are liquid crystal displays, according to a review published on Lcdtvbuyingguid.com. The real difference is in the backlighting. BacklightingStandard LCD displays are backlit using fluorescent lighting. LED displays use light emitting diodes to prov

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like box displays other pages like
Category : Programming Languages

I have a page on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/JengiTours
I have made a like box on the home page of the site.
Now, it does not display other pages like.
How to force it?


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Can I render to several displays from the same JVM?
Category : Programming Languages

I have 4 Java applications rendering some AWT graphics. They all render to different X displays, which we configure at JVM startup time.

I would like to have them run from the same JVM. This way, I launch one Java app, and it will open up four screens, which render their stuff to different displays.

Is that possible in Java?

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controller do not displays in right way
Category : Programming Languages

I have two controllers in my project. The second controller do not displays in right way. If I open it with in browser line - thats ok, but if i pass it by the link in view its not ok. The second controller resembles on 1st.


if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit ('No direct script access allowed');
class Article extends CI_Controller

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Browser displays � instead of ´
Category : Programming Languages

I have a php file which has the following text:

<div class="small_italic">This is what you´ll use</div>

On one server, it appears as:

This is what you´ll use

And on another, as:

This is what you�ll use

Why would there be a difference and what can I do to make it appear pro

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C displays both (simple if-then)
Category : Programming Languages

I must be losing my mind :-(. I am not sure but I get yes and no displaying if I type in 2...

int main(void)
int input;
char yes[3] = "yes";
char no[2] = "no";
printf("Are you ok? Type in 1 for yes or 2 for no.
scanf("%d", &input);
if (input == 1)
printf("%s, I am
.", yes);

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GoogleFonts on different displays
Category : Development Tools & Services

I try to use google fonts.

@import url('http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=PT+Sans|Raleway:100&subset=latin,latin-ext');

I optimized on my PC and i know it wont be the same in all browsers but it's not so bad.

After that i showed on of my friends and we realized on his display looks differently. I think it's cause the different PPI of the display.

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