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RewriteCond simply doesn't work, doesn't check properly if file exists
by Leo in Development Tools & Services

I've been trying to solve this for hours now but came up with nothing.

Inside .htaccess, whenever somebody requests an image from a folder of my website, I'm trying to check if a file with the same name exists in another folder; if it does, return that file; if it doesn't, return the file originally requested.

It seems so easy but it simply doesn't work. The .htaccess co

Scraping website but it doesn't load the links (insert of base doesn't work)
by Bateluer in Web Design

I'm trying to scrape a website and inject some Javascript into it (doing a project).

My problem is that it won't load images or anything that has a reference to "/something/something.png" - If it has "http:// website.com" in front of it, then it works perfectly fine. So I'm trying to add a base to it, so that it will use the original links instead of trying to grab the links.

php form - subject and message doesn't show + email doesn't validate properly
by amelim in Programming Languages

I'm coding a php form and wanted a very light and short code.
The captcha works fine, the validation as well.
I have two problems:
When tested, the email I receive
1)shows the name of the person as the subject of the email
2)the text wrote in the message field is not sent

Please advice.

This is the php:


AspectJ expession '@within' doesn't effect on concrete class which doesn't have public members
by malbojah in Web Design

Here are my sample classes:

public abstract class AbstractAgent {
public void count(List<Movie> movies) {
protected abstract void sum(List<Movie> movies);
public class DefaultAgent extends AbstractAgent {
protected void sum(List<Movie> movies) {

backbone.js view doesn't display results because of asynchronous fetch , doesn't render
by Danny in Web Design

I've noticed that my view's render function is being called 2 times.
Here's my code:

the View, which get's a collection:

], function($,
My code either leaks and works, or doesn't leak and crashes. This doesn't seem like an autorelease problem
by bicho44 in Programming Languages

After I finished coding the difficult parts of my game, I found some memory management bugs.

objects is a NSMutableArray holding a custom class.

- (void) spawnObjects
for (int index = 0; index < INITIAL_OBJECTS; index++)
[objects addObject:[[[MatchObject alloc] initWithImageNameID:(index % 3)] autorelease]];

jQuery autocomplete problem - doesn't match if user doesn't specifically select
by tommy in Web Design

Following on from my previous two questions:



I have a jQuery UI 1.8 autocomplete box in my form, and for the most part it works like a charm. The one problem I have is that if I enter a valid name, but do not select the choice that appears, then the name is never matched aga

ie7 doesn't recognize a page with different anchors (hashtags) as 2 different pages (hence history doesn't work)
by mrmt in Web Design

As part of developing some ajax history behavior I encountered a weird thing: (my) ie7 doesn't recognize a page with different anchors (hashtags) as 2 different pages.
The consequence is that when using the back-button ie7 skips over all previous urls (which only differ by the hashtag).

for example lets say I have browsed the following items in this order:


CUDA kernels and memory access (one kernel doesn't execute entirely and the next doesn't get launched)
by tdowg1 in Databases

I'm having trouble here. I launch two kernels , check if some value is the one expected (memcpy to the host), if it is I stop, if it isn't I launch the two kernels again.

the first kernel:

__global__ void aco_step(const KPDeviceData* data)
int obj = threadIdx.x;
int ant = blockIdx.x;
int id = threadIdx.x + blockIdx.x * blockDim.x;

Javascript doesn't call the page URL so it doesn't refresh to display the correct information
by PliotronX in Web Design

I have set up javascript menu on a wordpress site I am currently working on


I have created twelve options within the menu but when you click on any of them it doesn't seem to move from the front page although the page URL changes accordingly

<script type='text/javascript' src="/wp-content/themes/child/scripts/jquery


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