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codeigniter multiple applications, with wild card sub domains, mod_rewrite remapping sub domains to .php
by Juice in Development Tools & Services

I have a codeigniter project structured as so:


How can i allow the user to point their custom domains to sub domains in my asp.net MVCapplication? [As seesn in Posterous.com]
by WasntEnough in ASP & ASP.net

I am looking for a posterous like custom domain management for the users. The user can register a domain and should be able to point their new domain to their sub domain in the web application. Any ideas?.
NOTE: I am not looking for a serverfault.com like answer but a programatic one as it is done in posterous.com.

Querying list of domains available , Environment is having multiple NIC cards for two different domains
by Enar in Programming Languages

I am using LDAP for querying the list of domains available. My logic works fine when i run this on a machine where one nic card is available and it is successfully querying the list of domains, However when i run this on a machine which is having multiple nic cards i.e. One for Domain A and other one for Domain B, I am getting exception reason is simple i.e. DirectoryEntry() binding is failing.

NSError domains / custom domains - conventions and best practices
by Tashi in Programming Languages

NSError requires a domain, which I understand segments the range of error codes.

One would anticipate that there exist somewhere a registry of domain.error code but I've not been able to discover one.

Supposedly this could used for looking up localized descriptions for errors.

Does anyone have any set of known best practices for dealing with error domains and

GData is user part of Apps Premier domains or Apps Standard domains
by Rob Archer in Development Tools & Services

Is there a way do figure out if a user is part of Apps Premier domains, Apps Standard domains or just a regular google account?

Cross domains sessions - shared shopping cart cross domains
by Flapdrol1337 in Programming Languages

we are solving the problem with eshop (php, mysql). The client want to have the same eshop on two domains with shared shopping cart. In the shop customer can do the shopping without users account (can't be logged in). And there is the problem, how to make the shared shopping cart cross domain.

The data from cart is stored in sessions, which we stored in database too. But we can't s

3 domains in grails, I want to access 3rd domain which is unassociated to the 2nd domain in 2nd domains view
by Jimmy G. in Web Design

Im stuck again. Its very frustrating coming from a ruby background.

I have 3 domains. Domain A has many domain B's. Domain A hasMany Domain C's

I want to be able to access domain C's records in domain B's view so a user can select a domain C template and have it inserted into the textarea of domain B's edit/create field. Obviously this will come after with javascript.

Magento: I have 2 different domains in 2 different servers. Can I share 1 instance of Magento between the 2 domains and servers?
by wcf in Programming Languages

Here is the situation:

server1 has domain1.com and magento installed

server2 has domain2.com

I want to create 2 websites under the magento instance on server1. Can I do that if the 2nd site is in a different server? If so, how?

If not what are my options?

Do I absolutely need both domains to be in the same server where magento is?


Cookie across different domains
by Andrew in Coding

I am working on building a learners website (http:localhost:8080.xyz.com).This is being built on glassfish server using gwt.I need to integrate forums(http:localhost:8888.abc.com)into this site .The forum is built using php and is on Apache Server.

Both the websites share the same MySQL database and this database has a table named session table which has information about the user i

Cookie of different domains in PHP
by OutOfBrain in PHP

is it possible to access cookie of a domain foo.com in another domain like example.com using php?

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