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dotnet fuscator
Category : Programming Languages

I used Dotfuscator to protect my application from reverse engineering I encrepted the dll files and saved them, my question is what to do after that? how to use new dlls insted of old ones because when i do copy and past and after that I publish the website it get the old dlls not new ones?

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dotNet 4.0 Clipboard bug?
Category : Programming Languages

Try this:

1. Create an app in VS Express Edition 2010 (.NET 4.0).

2. Put these lines in the code wherever u like -

string text = Clipboard.GetText();

3. Copy some ANSI text (for simplicity) from notepad.

4. Run the app and see the result.

I see "Clipboard.GetText()" (wi

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PHP new DOTNET() error
Category : Development Tools & Services

This is a fairly obscure question, but I'm having a devil of a time figuring it out:

I'm running PHP on IIS and am using PHP's DOTNET function to load Microsoft's System.Speech class.

$recognizer= new DOTNET('System.Speech, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35', 'System.Speech');

I'm getting a

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Category : Programming Languages

I'm quite a newbie in PHP and today I discovered DOTNET class.
So I studied manual, surfed the web to find some example and finally wrote my test app:

Created a new DLL using Framework 4.0 Client Profile
Signed the assembly with a strong name key
Marked assembly as COM-Visible

This is the test code I wrote

using System;
namespace CSharpCOM

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are php and dotnet feasible together?
Category : PHP

can i make a project whose designing part is done in php and database connectivity in dot net?? Please help??

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How to use DotNet EXE as OLE object
Category : Development Tools & Services

I would like to insert my DotNet EXE application in excel sheet just like an OLE object. Is it possible? If yes, how we can do this.

In Excel 2003 when we click Insert->Object menu item, we get the 'Object' diloag. The 'Create New' tab of this dilaog contains varios OLE objects. I would like to display my DotNet exe application in this list so that when I select and click the 'Ok' b

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DotNet Oracle ORM
Category : Programming Languages

What would be a good ORM for Oracle in .NET? I am looking for something that can auto generate the classes and mapping etc. and is free. Something closer to Linq2Sql or SubSonic.

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DotNET String comparisons
Category : Programming Languages

After a few harsh lessons I now always use OrdinalIgnoreCase when comparing Strings in DotNET. I've run into maybe 5 different problems to do with numerics, weird alphabets and localisations. Does anyone know of a good site that explains in depth a lot of the problems with culture specific Strings, preferably with a bunch of good examples of where and how something can fail?

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DotNet: Static variables in DLL
Category : Programming Languages

I am working on a Dot Net project, which includes a DLL. This DLL uses a .lib (C code). Unfortunately, there are many static variables in this .lib. The Problem I have here:

If two users perform a search at the same time, I get an error, because they both access the .lib, one changes something while to other tries to read data.

The obvious solution, would be to lock the

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Equivalent to JasperReports in dotnet
Category : Programming Languages

JasperReports is cool with JAVA web apps.

CrystalReports is not equivalent to it :D

what tool can we use in asp.net web applications ?

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