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Ensure item is purchased before allowing to download from my server when download is invoked later after purchasing
by Puffnstuff in Programming Languages

I have the following scenario:

I have some items that I want to sell
User buys the item and it is marked is "Purchased". Now user can download the file.
User presses "Download" button and downloads the file (it must be some unique link)

I read all inapp billing docs and steps 1 and 2 work fine for me. How can I implement step 3 on the android side?

I imagi

Android: download file from server and show the download progress in the notification bar using AsyncTask
by Apejoy in Programming Languages

I am using this example to download a file from a server using AsycTask and to show the downlaod progress in a notification bar. I just modified the doInBackground method in order to downoad my file:

protected Void doInBackground(String... Urls) {
//This is where we would do the actual download stuff
//for now

How to detect that download is done whether by Browser or Download Manager on Android OS phones from HTML 5 web portal?
by Mai72 in Android

I am trying to make a html mobile web portal that let users download files.

But I want to detect that that the download is done through Download Manager or Browser?

How to do that as User Agent is also same for both on many devices?

Need to download XML files to the server, My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile fails to fully download them
by NeoTubNinja in Programming Languages

The XML files are around 400kbs each, so it's not the biggest file size ever, but for some reason the files don't fully download, every time they stop at around 200kbs, the internet I'm working on is very slow, but I fixed the method's timer so it takes all the time it needs to download them, but it still doesn't, is there another method that can do the same as this?


How to display uploaded files in GridView and download them on clicking respective download linkbutton?
by fayoh in Programming Languages

I am uploading files using fileupload, the details of the file such as file type, name of file, and complete path is getting stored in a table called exceldetails in database now i want to display the uploaded files and download them by clicking on a link button next to every file in GridView. This is how i am uploading files:

string[] filePaths;
string strFileTy

DownloadManager.ACTION_DOWNLOAD_COMPLETE broadcast receiver receiving same download id more than once with different download statuses in Android
by JackBurton in Android

I am using Android DownloadManger System Service for downloading some files in following way

dwnId = mgr.enqueue(new DownloadManager.Request(serveruri)
.setAllowedNetworkTypes(DownloadManager.Request.NETWORK_WIFI |

plonetruegallery: Download link or button, so users can download a viewed image?
by Neil Redfern in Web Design

I use collective.plonetruegallery for image galleries within Plone and I like it. However, what I miss is a "download" button or a simple "link" in order to let users actually download a image. The "Galleria" display view of plonetruegallery does seem to offer such a link/button -- does any of the other display views? Or any other solution whithout having to hack the plonetruegallery addon myse

PHP download method hanging up page… best practices for pushing a download?
by William Burke in Programming Languages

quick question: I've got a form that forces a user to enter an email, after which a download/attachment is pushed and a file is downloaded... the file downloads fine... however...

My problem is that when the download starts, the page locks up, and the user can't navigate anywhere or do anything on the page until the file is downloaded (ie: clicking the "go home" link below). Any bet

How to download the real file that was redirected using WordPress download-monitor plugin?
by ShintaiDK in Programming Languages

What I'm doing is using Jsoup to parse download url that is in the form of WordPress download-monitor url.
Example: http://**.com/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=11036 when you click this link it will open a new download-page which use the id 11036 to download the real file.

My question is how can I bypass that download-monitor plugin and get the real file u

How do Download Managers download huge files on HTTP without multiple requests?
by Thomas Gueze in Programming Languages

I was downloading a 200MB file yesterday with FlashGet in the statistics it showed that it was using the HTTP1.1 protocol.
I was under the impression that HTTP is a request-response protocol and most generally used for web pages weighing a few KiB...I don't quite understand how it can download MB's or GB's of data and that too simultaneously through 5(or more) different streams.

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