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How to Dream What You Want
by PeterYunZhang in Relationships & Family
Controlling what you dream about does not have to be just a dream.Are you tired of dreaming of the same old dreams?Need some excitement in your sleep?Ready to dream what you want?It is well known that sleep allows our bodies to get rest,but that does not mean that sleep has to be boring!Romance lacking in your marriage,go ahead and create that steamy hot dream.Wish you was a knight in shiny armour
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How to Win Your Dream Guy
by Deledrius in Relationships & Family
Maybe you've been dating for a while, but just haven't found Mr. Right, or you have a particular guy in mind and you want to make him yours. Either way, you can take steps to win your dream guy. Get out there and meet your dream guy doing things you already enjoy. Once you've met someone who interests you, be positive, friendly, fun and optimistic and he will gravitate toward you.Difficulty:Modera
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How to Make Someone Dream About You
by MeldarthX in Relationships & Family
Dreams are the window into someone's psyche. What we dream about says so much about our thoughts, emotions and desires. It is not surprising that if people dream about you, it is because they see you as having great importance in their life.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Sewing machine


How to Be a Dream Catcher
by Super56K in Careers & Job Searching
The most widely known form of "dreamcatcher" is a beautifully crafted, webbed object believed to hold onto the good parts of our dreams and filter out the nightmares. But a Dream Catcher is also a person, or the role of a person whose job is to assist people, Dream Chasers, in realizing their dreams, goals, or purpose in life. There are some specific characteristics needed to succeed as a Dream
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Why Do People Dream?
by Coder Blues in Health
Dreams have long confounded the human race. While many theories exist, there is no definitive answer as to why you dream or what purpose it serves. The theories offer possible explanations and reasoning for the behavior and one theory might resonate with you and how you feel you dream. The brain is a complex part of the body that is active even when at rest. LearningSome people believe dreams s
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How to Tie a Dream Catcher
by RoBo in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A dream catcher is from the Ojibwe, or Chippewa, Native American culture. The Chippewa believe that a dream catcher is a protective charm that catches nightmares and only lets good dreams come through when it is hung over a bed. The dream catcher consists of a hoop made of wood or metal that has a piece of leather cord or sinew woven around it in loops to form a spider's web. You can tie your own
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Dream Gifts for Men
by diablo805 in Holidays & Celebrations
Whether you're looking to surprise your favorite guy for his birthday, to celebrate a new job or even for a bachelor party, there are certain gifts that put all others to shame. Whatever your guy's personal interests, some gifts are pretty much guaranteed to impress him, and show him how much he means to you. Giant Flat-Screen TVWhether your favorite guy is a Saints or Scorsese superfan, a gian
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How to Convert Dream to WMV
by PatrickSimonHenk in Computers
Dream (*.dream) is a file extension for the "DreamScene" program created by Microsoft. "Dream" files are superior-quality animated wallpaper files which operate only on Windows Vista. WMV (Windows Media Video) is a Microsoft-made digital video compression format used by numerous common codecs and players.
In order to convert from Dream to WMV, a conversion program must be used. Several of the
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How to Keep a Dream Journal
by skulldrinker in Health
Dreams don't always make sense to us, but they have a way of sorting out all of the day's experiences. Dreams can be difficult to remember if you are in the habit of dismissing them, but you can start a dream journal to help you trigger your memory of the previous nights dreams and help you understand and learn from them. Here are some tips for keeping a dream journal.Difficulty:EasyInstructions
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How to Land Your Dream Job
by PenguinPower in Careers & Job Searching
Want the job of your dreams? The steps are simple and with a little patience, you could be 'living the dream' everyday.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Notebook and pen

Find a quiet place. Go somewhere where you can think without being disturbed. This activity is great just before bed or first thing in the morning. If you live alone, this part wi

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