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How to simulate a harmonic oscillator driven by a given signal (not driven by sine wave)
by Jason Haar in Programming Languages

I've got a table of values telling me how the signal level changes over time and I want to simulate a harmonic oscillator driven by this signal. It does not matter if the simulation is not 100% accurate.
I know the frequency of the oscillator.
I found lots of formulas but they all use a sine wave as driver.

message driven vs. event driven approaches to application integration
by Tim Benninghoff in Programming Languages

I was wondering if there is a clear distinction between message driven and event driven environments when we refer to SOA or middleware and generally in cases of application and enterprise integration. I understand that a user interface resembles an event driven model where our system intercepts action by the user.

Also it is clear that messaging supports systems based on publish/su

Design Methodology: use case driven vs. domain driven
by allisolm in Coding

Just for discussion, to me it seems that 2 different terminologies actually are saying the same thing. Is there any tangible differences between this 2 design approaches?

How to Differentiate Between Customer-Driven & Competition-Driven Pricing
by Tom Clark in Business
Pricing is the exchange value for a good or service. The four basic categories of pricing objectives are profitability, volume, competition and prestige. Some are customer-based and others are driven by competition, according to authors Louis Boone and David Kurtz in "Contemporary Business."Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Recognize price matching as a form of competitive pricing. Businesses se

Design approach (Domain driven or Service Driven)
by Bas in Programming Languages

My problem statement is :

I want to write design file management (add, copy, delete etc. operations). There are two approach :

Service Driven approach

Write file VO which contains only file attributes. For e.g.

public Class File {
private boolean hidden;
private boolean read;
private boolean write;
public boo

Domain Driven Design vs Model Driven Architecture
by Cornflex in Development Tools & Services

I am curious, what are the differences between Domain Driven Design and Model Driven Architecture? I have the impression they have certain similarities.

Could you enlighten me?


Owner-Driven Vs. Annuitant-Driven Annuity
by john3850 in Personal Finance
An annuity is a tax-sheltered investment offered through insurance companies to help you save toward retirement in which you can generate a consistent income from assets. Annuities have four parties involved in the contract: the insurance company, the annuitant, the owner and the beneficiary. It is easy to confuse the owner and annuitant because they are often the same person, but understanding th

Product driven vs customer driven development
by AFurryReptile in Web Design

What are the pros and cons of developing for a customer driven vs a product driven team?

I have only had experience with a customer driven team, and although the grass always looks greener, it is probably just as hard to mow. So I would like to know from some experienced people what the difference really is.

For clarification I am asking about the experience, like schedu

Error after moving <mvc:annotation-driven/>: no declaration can be found for element 'mvc:annotation-driven'
by JulianCT in Programming Languages

I have a dispatcher-servlet.xml and an applicationContext.xml.

I have been doing some refactoring, and moved

<context:component-scan base-package="com.xxx"/>

from dispatcher-servlet.xml to applicationContext.xml.

I now get this error:

2012-01-26 10:34:36.434:WARN::Nested in org.

Data-Driven Programming / Event-Driven Programming
by Rineau in Programming Languages

For along time, I've been using event-driven programming for all my windows application. i.e. handle a selected index changed / Text changed etc.. events. but lately I've been using the INotifyPropertyChanged interface and ObservableCollection class to handle data changes.
Do you see any possible problems that I could face by using this method in the long run as the application / properties

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