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How to install new hardware drivers so when it is plugged in for the first time, windows will know to find the drivers automatically
by Olympian Last in Operating Systems

I want to be able to deploy a project to some of my users the requires a USB-serial adapter. The hard way is to give them the drivers and tell them to plug in the adapter and when prompted, they will have to locate the files manually. I don't want to do that.

Most install shields know how to do that automatically - you install the software, plug in the new hardware and windows will

Downgrading / converting / porting windows 7 drivers to winXP drivers
by AJacques in Operating Systems

Is it possible to manually edit the driver to make it function on windows XP?

I guess there are many differences, but it must be possible for simple drivers, kind of porting the locations / buses they use?

Are filter drivers intended to extend system drivers?
by monkee in Operating Systems

Are filter drivers intended to extend system drivers?
Is this their main purpose? Are they basically just an extra layer that sits between the driver and the user?
This seems overly simple an explanation and I am wondering if I am missing something.
Are there good ways to learn more?

Link between low level drivers and tty drivers
by BSim500 in Operating Systems

I was writing a console driver for linux and I came across the tty interface that I need to set up for this driver. I got confused as to how tty drivers are bound with low-level drivers.

Many times the root file system already contains a lot of tty devices. I am wondering how low-level devices can bind to one of the existing tty nodes on the root file system.

For exam

How to Make Windows XP 32 Bit Drivers Work With Windows Vista 64 Bit Drivers
by Tristan in Computers
If you've just upgraded your computer to the 64-bit version of the Windows Vista operating system from the 32-bit version of the Windows XP operating system, you may notice that some of your hardware components do not work. This is due to incompatibility issues with the device drivers between the two versions. You can fix this by using the Device Manager to manually upgrade your hardware drivers,

Need JET 4.0 Drivers
by John G in Programming Languages

I am using an ExcelProvider with Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 and am getting the Cannot Find Installable ISAM from the production machine. Windows Server 2003.

I've searched and search for this download. I've Office installed on the Dev machine, so I'm sure that's why it works fine on my end. But I can't install Office on the Production machine.

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How Can I Tell What PCI Drivers I Am Looking For?
by Justin Blanton in Computers
Having the correct drivers is extremely important for the correct functioning of any PCI device. PCI devices can be a number of different things such as video cards, sound cards, fans and more. And in most cases, the device will not work if the correct drivers are not installed or the computer may not recognize the device at all. However, operating systems in newer computers usually recognize a ne

About Drivers' Ed
by TheMoo in Cars
Drivers' education is a class that teaches new drivers the basics of driving. Drivers' ed classes are sometimes offered in high schools, and private drivers' ed programs are also available, both online and in a classroom environment. Drivers' education programs aim to prepare students to pass the written exam required in most states to obtain a learner's permit, and also help new drivers understan
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How to Fix My PC Drivers
by digiram in Computers
All hardware installed on a computer system requires some sort of driver installed. The driver informs the system of how to read and use the connected hardware. However, if the driver begins to fail or not function properly, the hardware may start to not function correctly either. This is usually due to a damaged driver or the driver being completely removed altogether. Thankfully, there is a meth
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About UPS Drivers
by dantino in Careers & Job Searching
UPS (United Parcel Service) truck and van drivers are well compensated and enjoy strong job security relative to many other transportation jobs. UPS hires drivers with both commercial and non-commercial driver's licenses, although those who can drive the larger trucks will generally be better compensated and have more chances to make their way up the job ladder. SignificanceUPS drivers often st
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