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Documentation on geting driving directions and calculating driving distance with Mapstraction
by jaredsmiller in Web Design

I'm trying to build an easy to use map system for the applications we develop at work. I started using Google Maps but I have to abandon that because of the lack of SSL support. While Google Maps API Premier has SSL support, we can't afford the 10k a year fee. I'm considering using Mapstraction so that in future, if I need to change providers it's much less of a hassle. However, what I'm primar

Simulation Driving Instruction Vs. Real Road Driving
by Jarques in Cars
When teens are learning to drive for the first time, driving simulators can be an excellent way to give them the necessary skills to safely travel on the roadway. Are these virtual skills enough to replace the experience of real road driving? Driving SimulatorsDriving simulators generally consist of one to three screens and a steering wheel with pedals that are attached to a computer. Drivers

Massachusetts Driving Laws for Teenagers Driving With Friends
by green in Legal
Massachusetts is one of the states that has passed stricter teen driving laws to decrease the number of accidents involving teen drivers and teen passengers. To discourage teenage drivers from driving around with other teenagers who could distract them, Massachusetts has passed laws on passenger age restrictions for the first six months after a teen acquires a Junior Operator License. Passenger

How Have Safe Driving Classes Affected Teens' Driving?
by OutOfBrain in Cars
Safe-driving classes teach teenagers safe-driving methods and the ability to handle a range of driving situations. Some courses are offered in a classroom, while others provide at-the-wheel training. Each type of program has a different effect of teen driving. SignificanceWhen combined with other safety requirements, 16-year-old teens who have 30 or more hours of certified driving practice -- s

Safe Driving Tips for Driving During Deer Season
by Bateluer in Cars
More than 1.6 million deer collide with vehicles each year in the United States. The annual toll includes about 200 fatalities and billions of dollars in vehicle damage and hospital bills, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Drivers should be vigilant in areas known to be inhabited by deer, especially during the fall mating season, which generally runs from October to December. De

Washington Driving Laws & Negligent Driving
by tontod in Legal
Driving is a privilege, not a right, which is why Washington enforces the laws regarding negligent driving. It is important to know what the legal guidelines are for driving in each state, for your own safety and for the safety of others. There are certain details that distinguish one offense from another. Negligent in the First DegreeA person is guilty of negligent driving in the first degree

Michigan Driving Laws on Careless Driving
by Usman in Legal
Careless driving occurs when a driver is not driving safely, including text-messaging while driving, excessively speeding and driving dangerously. Police officers in Michigan enforce the traffic laws to keep everyone on the road safe. To keep drivers accountable, the state has a penalty points system. Whenever you are convicted of a traffic violation, points are posted to your driving record. If a

Difference in Driving While Intoxicated and Driving Under the Influence?
by Italy in Legal
Driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence is illegal in every state of the United States. Other countries have laws against drinking and driving, and some of the punishments are extremely severe. Punishments can be severe in the United States, especially if there are previous charges. Many states do not have both DWI and DUI designations and, in other states, there is no difference

Negligent Driving Vs. Reckless Driving
by Gogonez in Legal
The unsafe operation of a vehicle can result in a conviction of negligent driving or reckless driving. There are several similarities and differences between the two violations. State LawsEach state has its own laws that define negligent (or careless) driving and reckless driving. These laws also establish penalties for each type of conviction.
Lack of SafetyBoth types of convictions involve

Driving Tips for the Driving Test
by SperglordActual in Cars
If you demonstrate capable and safe driving throughout your driving test, then you will pass it and receive your license. However, factors such as tricky maneuvers, a scrutinizing examiner and unexpected traffic and road conditions can pose some challenges. Use the driving tips you acquired from your lessons to give yourself the best possible chance of passing your test. Keep it QuietDriving te

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