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I want to use 2 dropdown list in a way so that second dropdown list show remaining items of the first dropdown list except the selected one
by Shailja in Programming Languages

I want to use 2 dropdown list in a way so that second dropdown list show remaining items of the first dropdown list except the selected one.
if u have the solution please send to me at rsolanki2008@gmail.com as soon as possible.

bootstrap dropdown button: How to hide dropdown menu when click other part of page?
by kharakawa in Web Design


See the above link, when the dropdown-menu is shown, the outer div with btn-group will automatically add a class "open", when i click other part of the page, the "open" class is removed so the dropdown-menu disappears.

My question is how to impl "click other part of page

Load data to a Dropdown based on the user selection of another dropdown - Logic error
by ferpaz in Programming Languages
@Html.DropDownListFor(mod => mod.pplId, Model.allPpl, "")

As soon as the user selects a person from the above list, i want to list the prescription numbers he/she has got in another DropDownList.

Example if the user selects the person Sam F from the list, i will need to run a SQL search, and get all Prescriptions that has the name

how to preselect dropdown value from database when dropdown list is loaded from jquery load method
by Jason Haar in Programming Languages

I'm not entirely sure if this is possible, but I'll ask here.

I have a .jsp page that populates the dropdown contents from .txt files and loaded using jquery/javascript.

They're loaded like this:


I also use a servlet to ping the database to fill out the other

HTML5 multiselect dropdown with checkboxes plugin. Designed as standard <select> dropdown
by Traut in Web Design

I have been looking around all day after a good multiselect plugin looks as the same as a standard dropdown control. I have tried using jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget created by ehynds, dropdown-check-list and jQuery MultiSelect created by A Beautiful Site. These are really good plugins but I really want to use a plugin that have the same appearence as a standard dropdown in html5. Hope I make an

Change FORM SELECT (dropdown menu) depending on other dropdown in JS/Jquery
by nonkelhans in Web Design

I have a form with two drop down menus and I want the selectable values in the second drop down menu to change depending on what is chosen with the first drop down

This is drop down one:

<select name="cat" id="1">

Creating dynamic dropdown options based off dropdown selection - stuck
by tonix in Programming Languages

So I am trying to create a dynamic form where the 2nd dropdown box is populated based on the first dropdown.

I am using ajax & jquery to help build this dynamic form in my django project, and I need a bit of help. I have got the ajax call to work properly, and I have sent my choices back to the form, but now I am having trouble populating the form with

Javascript: Remove different option-tags from a dropdown list depending on another dropdown?
by damomurf in Coding

Yeah, the title is a mess.

Here's what i'm trying to do:
I have one main dropdown list where i can choose between, let's say, two options. Option1, and Option2. If Option1 is selected, i don't want anything to happen. If Option2 is selected, i want to remove one option-tag from another dropdown list.

<select name="main_dropdown">
<option value="

Select dropdown and auto check the checkbox if the selected value of dropdown is not empty
by Henschkowski in Web Design

When people selected the dropdown and then the checkbox will be auto checked if the selected value of dropdown is not empty. But I met "sel[i] is undefined" error.

Javascript part:

var chk = document.getElementsByTagName("input");
var sel = document.getElementsByTagName("select");
for (var i=0; i< sel.length; i++) {
sel[i].onchange = functi

How to dynamically populate options on dropdown lists based on selection in another dropdown?
by tanknique in Programming Languages

I have a table which has the information of a category, say a product. I have listed them in a dropdown menu. Now, what I need to do is, list the sub category of the selected category in a next dropdown menu. I hope, javascript is required, but I am not that familiar with javascript yet.

Would be much thankful for the help.


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