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Fast, duplicate requests create duplicate records that shouldn't be valid
Category : Programming Languages

There are validations in place that should not allow a duplicate record in a particular table to be created based on two different ID values (one is a user ID) and a state (some states are allowed to have duplicates, but not others).

When we get two requests, one after another in the logs with the same time stamp, the first record is not in the database to cause the rejection of the

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MySql - Select from - Don't Show Duplicate Words - maybe “on duplicate key”?
Category : Programming Languages

how can I insert "on duplicate key" in this Code to remove duplicate words? or is there a better method that you know? thank you!!

this is my code:

function sm_list_recent_searches($before = ', $after = ', $count = 20) {
// List the most recent successful searches.
global $wpdb, $table_prefix;
$count = intval($count);
$results = $wpdb-&

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Searching for duplicate records within a text file where the duplicate is determined by only two fields
Category : Programming Languages

First, Python Newbie; be patient/kind.

Next, once a month I receive a large text file (think 7 Million records) to test for duplicate values. This is catalog information. I get 7 fields, but the two I'm interested in are a supplier code and a full orderable part number. To determine if the record is dupliacted, I compress all special characters from the part number (except . and

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How do I prevent MySQL from auto-incrementing the Primary Key while using ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE when the duplicate is a different unique column?
Category : Databases

Consider the following table:

| Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| vendor_id | int(10) unsigned | NO | PRI | NULL | auto_increment |
| vendor_name | varchar(100)

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MySql “INSERT … ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE” still inserting duplicate records. What am I missing?
Category : Databases

I have a simple table set up with two columns, each column is a key value. the values stored in each field are varchar(45) representing an email address and a keyword. It is possible that the information collected may duplicate itself as it is related to site browsing data collection. To avoid duplicate entries, I used tried to use INSERT IGNORE into, REPLACE into, and finally I'm trying the fo

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Merging duplicate records in SQL where 'User' is duplicate but the PK and some columns are unique
Category : Databases

I have 2 tables 'tbMemeberInfo' as well as 'tbDocument'.

When a Document is uploaded it records a field InfoID in tbDocument, which is the PK(MemberInfoID) in tbMemeberInfo.

There are however duplicates in tbMemeberInfo. Users have an 'AgreementNo' and an 'IDNumber' and the duplicate records only contain 1 or the other.

I need to merge these records to inser

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HTML + Jquuery web app with windows - duplicate IDs and duplicate Javascript problem
Category : Javascript

I have a problem with my web app. Its UI is window based, so there can be many windows opened at the same time. These windows are DIVs which are loaded with AJAX call. Everything works fine when the content of all the windows is unique.

However, sometimes its needed to have 2 or more same windows opened at the same time. Loaded AJAX content in both windows has same HTML ID attribut

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Removing Duplicate from Arraylist and Getting the duplicate of one property in a list
Category : Programming Languages

i have one arraylist say "templist" it will have items of item say "Stool"

now list contains duplicates

1 abc wwww.com lob1
1 abc wwww.com lob2

now i want like

1 abc wwww.com (lob1,lob2)

may be a separated list of lob's alone. how we can do it ? please help

List tempList = new ArrayList();

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ASP.NET MVC 2: Using duplicate input partial views without duplicate validation
Category : Programming Languages

In an application being rewritten, originally a certain form included a drop down where the user chose one of two major options for how the input would be used in calculations elsewhere.

The requirements now dictate that instead of this drop down, the interface should feature two otherwise identical forms appearing on the same page, one above the other. A parameter or hidden value

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Retrieve duplicate results when searching for duplicate keys?
Category : Web Design

I am in a situation that feels a little odd ... I have a list of keys deliberately containing duplicates. For the sake of the arguments lets assume this list looks like [1,2,3,2,1]. Currently the code to fetch the documents belonging to these Ids loops over the list of keys, calls findOne() and pushes the document into an array.

So we have a construct like

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