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What Are the Causes of Early Abdominal & Back Pain in Early Pregnancy?
by KingGuppy in Health
Abdominal and back pain can be worrisome for many women when it happens during pregnancy. Many women fear an ectopic pregnancy or possible miscarriage could be responsible for their aches, but mild pain in these areas is actually normal in many healthy pregnancies. This article explores some of the common types of back and abdominal pain encountered during the first trimester, and provides a few

Living Conditions in the Early 1900s in Early New York
by AtenRa in Culture & Society
The roots of modern New York City can be found in the New York of the early 20th century. The city saw extreme wealth and extreme poverty, both of which were fueled by a continuous wave of immigrants settling in and passing through the city. Much of the city's current infrastructure developed during this period as well. City StreetsIn many ways the streets of New York in the early 1900s would f

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early in Order to Retire Early?
by deanschang in Personal Finance
When making plans for retirement, analyze your debt-to-income ratio as well as your general spending habits. One of your largest debts may be your mortgage. A mortgage may or may not prevent you from saving enough money for your retirement. Before you can know this, you need to consider how your mortgage payment can affect your ability to save. PurposeThe purpose of a mortgage is to allow you t

How Early Can You Apply for Early Social Security?
by Rob B in Personal Finance
You can apply for social security retirement benefits when you are 62 years old. You can apply in the month following your 62nd birthday. FunctionYou choose when you want to start receiving social security benefits. The longer you wait, the larger each social security payment will be.
EffectsThe amount that your monthly payment will decrease by depends on the year you were born. For example,

How to Get Up Early When Necessary
by boonchew in Health
If you're a night owl and a traditionally late riser, you'll probably have a tough time getting up early for school, work or special events. When it's necessary to wake at the sound of your alarm, use these strategies to keep your hand off the snooze button.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Go to bed early to ensure you get plenty of sleep. It sounds obvious, but realize that there's no point in

How to Go to Bed Early
by rajnesh in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
It is very tempting to stay up to watch a move, talk on the phone with friends or go out on the town for the night. The next day you wake up tired and late for school or work and you swear you will not do that again. Then the cycle repeats the very next night. It's up to you to break it.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Set a time each night to go to bed early and do not deviate from this
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How Can I Get My W-2 Early?
by crazy2383 in Personal Finance
The W-2 form is a federal wage and tax statement that your employer uses to report all income paid to you during the tax calendar year. The employer must also report on your W-2 all federal, FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions deductions reported to Social Security), and state withholding taxes that were withheld from your earnings during the year. By law, every employer must provide employees w
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How Early Should I Get an IRA?
by jald in Personal Finance
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Early Puberty
by gitano in Parenting
Early or precocious puberty is when boys or girls develop secondary sex characteristics before the common age range. It is 10 times more likely to occur in girls than in boys. Normal PubertyPuberty normally begins between the ages of 8 and 16 for girls and ages 9 to 15 for boys.
Early PubertyMany studies conduced around the world have shown that the onset of puberty in boys and girls occurs
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About Early Dog Domestication
by Mikebob in Pets
Why do dogs eat their feces? Why do dogs scratch the ground before laying down? Why do dogs howl when they hear a siren or other piercing sounds? Why do dogs bury bones and other “treasures”? Animal behaviorists can explain many of these types of habits and instincts that dogs have by describing the process of early dog domestication. AncestorsAcademics who study fossil remains, com

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