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How do I create a PHP “edit” form for this page so users can edit their choices?
by skimple in PHP

I understand how to include the database connection in the beginning and how to send this information to the database.

My problem is retrieving the information for an edit, including the checkboxes with the value as "array" in the db.(might be a separate issue on its own)

<form action="a php page" method="post">

Gridview - Edit Mode - When I press return on my keyboard, the edit item index changes to the first row
by Bjørn Lyngwa in Programming Languages

When I am in edit mode on any row of my GridView and I press Return while the focus is in one of the row's textboxes, instead of triggering the update button, my GridView1.RowEditing event is fired with a NewEditIndex of 0

This causes the first row to become editable and I lose any values typed into the previous row.

How can I stop this from happening?


How to edit and see live CSS effect in IE8 like we see in Firefox > Web developer toolbar > Edit CSS function?
by wpoch in Web Design

How to edit and see css effect in IE8 like we see in Firefox > Web developer toolbar > Edit CSS function?

Where is similar function in IE8 developer toolbar or does any other IE plugin have this type functionality?

changing edit options specifically dataEvents on edit form jqgrid
by walkur in Programming Languages

My colmodel, has a column name'count' and a editoptions dataEvent that alerts a change.
In the add form i want to remove this alert and need this alert only in the edit mode..
So, i tried a couple of things in the add form beforeshowform(),using setColProp and .attr
But nothing seems to work.. any help greatly appreciated.

Edit table data cell using a edit icon shown over hover
by postino in Programming Languages

I have a grid with multiple cols & rows. I want edit just one cell at a time. By showing a edit icon when the user hovers the td, I want the user to be able to click the edit icon and then the td becomes editable. onblur will retain the new value and the edit icon is also hidden when the td is not in focus.

I am not able to write the code for this, I want to apply JQuery techniq

How to hide Edit Property option from the Edit Control Block of Document Library Items
by scott.sizemore in Software

Dear All,
I would like to hide the Edit property option form ECB of ducument Library items in SP2010 or capture the click and redirect to my own aspx page. Is it possible? Please help


Can an edit window be opened manually similar to the Edit Top 200 Rows option in Sql Server Management Studio?
by Riparian in Databases

This screen is so useful in development. Is there a way to have all query windows behave like this one? It seems special and is only invoked if you select the "Edit Top 200 Rows" option.

Blend Issue: “Edit Template > Edit a Copy” unavailable for a control when in PopUp
by Coder Blues in Operating Systems

Is this a known issue? I have the following XAML:

<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot">
<Slider />

I try to edit the ControlTemplate of the Slider by using Blend and right-clicking on the Slider > Edit Template > Edit a Copy. However this option is gray (unavailable).


How to modify Levenshteins Edit Distance to count “adjacent letter exchanges” as 1 edit
by dlouzan in Development Tools & Services

I'm playing around with Levenshteins Edit Distance algorithm, and I want to extend this to count transpositions -- that is, exchanges of adjacent letters -- as 1 edit. The unmodified algorithm counts insertions, deletes or substitutions needed to reach a certain string from another. For instance, the edit distance from "KITTEN" to "SITTING" is 3. Here's the explanation from Wikipedia:

Enabling both multi-edit and single-edit styles in a TableView
by Mark in Mobile Programming

In the mail app, you can swipe to delete a message. You can also hit edit, and select multiple messages, and delete them.

I want to be able to do the same in my table views.

I already had swipe to delete, by implementing the required delegate method:

- (void)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView commitEditingStyle:(UITableViewCellEditingStyle)editingStyle for

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