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eclipse editor, how to work with text editor (theme) when working with a specific perspective?
by Ian McKellar in Programming Languages

Is there a way to change the 'Appearance color' (or theme) in the editor when choosing to work with a specific view/perspective?

To be more specific, I'm starting to use python and I wish to have a different theme but when switching to Java I'd like to use the default editor.


How to make Visual Studio 2010 editor(C#), behave in the same way as a standard Delphi editor?
by python in Programming Languages

I have been using Delphi for development for quite a few years, and finally i am getting in line with the rest of the world and studying C# 4.0 on Visual Studio 2010.

However one thing that really bugs me is the default editor for Visual Studio.
Things like when you move cursor up or down, the cursor always jumps somewhere, or when you press Ctrl + left or right, it takes a 2!

Insert Image from RichText Editor Adobe flex directly from editor
by walshtp in Web Design

I am trying to find a way to add, directly from a RTE in Adobe Flex, an image.
I tried several ways some suggested in other websites, such as:

<img src="xxx/>
[img src="xxx/]
<img src="xxx></>
<img source="xxx/>

I just need to be able, using an HTML code or something, to add an image in the edito

Git config core.editor — how to make sublime text the default editor for git on Windows
by monkee in Operating Systems

I've been having a problem setting sublime text 2 as the core.editor with git. I've read through every post I could find addressing the problem, but still nothing is working for me. I am running windows.

I have done:

git config --global core.editor "'C:/Program Files/Sublime Text 2/sublime_text.exe'"

and tried that with various arguments like -m

Is there a great WYSIWYG html editor component that had Drag n' Drop *like* the Google Waves editor?
by Dmitry in Web Design

Is there a component out there that can be used that provides some of the
great capabilities that the Google Waves editor provides (or Google Docs editor)?
If it only works on a certain browser, that is fine. If it is part
of GWT or some other framework, that is fine. I know that this will probably require Google Gears. I would prefer just a javascript library.

It m

ExtJS 4 > Grid Editor > Editor with “datefield” xtype doesn't fill properly
by tl1000sv in Web Design

When I double-click a record for editing, it doesn't fill the date picker (i.e. the date picker shows blank, even though the record has the value).

I have searched a lot, but didn't get any fix.

Anyone has any idea...?

How can I enable “Mark Occurrences” in a Java editor that is loaded in a multi page editor?
by John G in Java

I am working on a multi page editor that loads opens multiple files (e.g. java, html) in separate tabs of a multi page editor. The files get opened with the default editors associated with the file type and these default editors are embedded in the multi page editor as tabs.

Here is how I am determining which editor to load (for a file type):

void createPage() throws

How do you open an external Vim editor containing the active Eclipse editor file
by apaunchev in Programming Languages

I'm not looking for an "Vim Plugin" for Eclipse. Instead, I'd just want a keyboard-shortcut to open the current Eclipse file within a new Vim instance.

Is there a quick and easy way to do that?

Problems implementing a Timline Editor in my level editor in Adobe AIR.
by Dave Lievense in Programming Languages

I'm currently working on an Adobe AIR project to pump out my level editor but I'm running into an issue. I basically need to implement an interactive movie editor. My question is how would you recommend I get the timeline editing started? Functionality wise it needs to be able to set tween key frames for position, scale, and alpha. Any ideas?

I've also been trying to look into pulli

Rich text editor that acts like a source code editor
by Dopey in Programming Languages

I want a free rich text editor that runs in windows, with the following features:

italic, bold, underline
change font size and font colour
indent left

But the thing is, I also want a feature found in source code editors:

the ability to collapse passages of text [such as text within { } braces]

I only have rudimentary Java knowledge, and trying to lear

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