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How can I run an appear effect and a fade effect in scriptaculous? I need them to run in tandam so that no other effect can slot inbetween
by vvv in Web Design

Ive been fiddling with this for hours and hours and just cant get it right. First off my sites are already using Prototytpe and Scriptaculous, and to change would take a long time.

Basically I am after achieving a slideshow effect similar to jQuery Cycle plugin. I have written most of it but cant get over this hurdle:

I need the user to be able to press a control button

In jQuery Fadein/FadeOut effect, scrollbars shows distortion effect in Chrome
by Zog in Programming Languages

I am using a FadeIn FadeOut method of jQuery to Show/Hide DIV SoftPopup which has a scrollbar.
It works perfect in other browsers but in Chrome, Scrollbar shows some distortion effect while Show/Hide.

Here is my code:

$(".log_popup .close_icon").click(function(){

How to override the slide effect to dissolve effect in JQuery Mobile using CSS3 feautures?
by jwyse in Web Design

I need to override the default slide effect to dissolve effect.

When changePage function is called I need to slowly dissolve the current page to new page.

I tried with following CSS

@keyframes dissolve {
0% { opacity:1; }
5% { opacity:0.9;}
15% { opacity:0.7;}
25% { opacity:0.5;}
35% { opacity:0.3

How to get the “dashboard” ripple-effect and closing-effect for UIViews?
by nsavop in Web Design

My project add a UIView with a button press. Is it possible to get the dashboard ripple-effect when the subview is added to the view?
Also the subview can be closed with: removeFromSuperview. How can I get the closing effect of a dashboard widget (when you press on the x).

jQuery: How can I edit this code to produce a fade effect instead of a sliding effect?
by Zack Harvey in Web Design

I'm having trouble making the following code fade an image instead of sliding an image. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Here's the code:

var rotate_delay = 7000;
(function($) {
$.fn.preload = function(options) {
var opts = $.extend({}, $.fn.preload.defaults, options);
o = $.meta ? $.extend({}, opts, this.data()) : opt

jquery cycle uncover effect change direction or custom effect
by Marti in Programming Languages

I would like to change the direction of uncover fx depending on the active slide index and the next slide index.

The effect I want to get is like: http://www.shegy.nazwa.pl/test2/ - here it works like charm but with scroll and in jquery cycle I would like to have navigation menu to jump to particular slide.

I know that there is something like scrollVert - but its not the

Google Street View API v3 : how can I avoid having “fish-eye” effect on Firefox? (fisheye effect)
by DarkKnightDude in Web Design

I'm using google maps API V3 and I'm having trouble displaying correctly the street view within Firefox. I always get the "fish-eye" view (does not happen with Google chrome).

So I assumed that the problem came from Firefox.

I took a look to the street view options but found nothing.

I would like to know if there is an option to have a flatten street view or

Blackberry Image processing(sketch effect and charcoal effect)
by comphollic in Mobile Programming

I am new to blackberry.
I am trying to convert normal image into sketch effect.I have code to do that in ANDROID.
I have tried to implement it in Blackberry but unable to got output.Here is android code and my blackberry code.

This is android code-

public class ConvolutionMatrix
public static final int SIZE = 3;
public double[][] Mat

How do I add a slide-in effect and a glowing effect using HTML5/CSS3 or JavaScript?
by shortylickens in Javascript

I think a description of what I am looking for will be best:

Let's say I have a sentence: Hello World! This is KPO!

I want each word to show up 2 seconds after the latter has been displayed. And I want KPO to be either a blinking or a fade in and fade out effect.

I am not sure where to start or what to use to accomplish this?

I was able to

Initializes an Effect class instance from a compiled effect in XNA 4.0
by swinaz in Web Design

I want to load an effect from a file with was already compiled to xnb.

I can use this in XNA 3.0

Effect (GraphicsDevice, Stream, CompilerOptions, EffectPool)

But I don't know how to do that in XNA 4.0, since there is no such constructor.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Finally I solve the problem by the new constructor


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