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How to Buy Car Electronics
by rajiv in Cars
Automotive electronics are sold to upgrade or add to a vehicle's existing system, adding stereos, DVD players, viewscreens, and even game machines to any car. Buying these items takes a minimal amount of research, primarily focused on price, features and seller service. The average electronics buyer can purchase the correct products for any automobile in about an hour.Difficulty:EasyInstructions
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How to Get Rid of an Old TV & Electronics
by naemi in Electronics
If you've decided to replace your old analog TV set with a more updated TV or you're planning to upgrade your current flat-screen television for a larger model, you may be looking for ways to get rid of your old electronics. Because TVs and some other electronics contain significant amounts of mercury, silver, barium, cadmium and toxic lead, disposing of them improperly can be harmful to the envir
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How to Get Rid of Used Electronics
by stargazr in Computers
There are many options for getting rid of used electronics, and thanks to the Zero Waste philosophy, recycling and the green movement, the number of local facilities that offer equipment swaps and recycling is increasing.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Sign up and use your local Freecycle list. Freecycle allows you to safely give and take items no longer needed by people in your community.
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What Is Basic Electronics?
by dawp in Electronics
Electrons, a component of atoms, and their use---known as electronics---play an important role in many pieces of household equipment. Basic electronics comprises the minimal "electronics components" that make up a part of everyday electronics equipment. These electronic components include resistors, transistors, capacitors, diodes, inductors and transformers. Powered by a battery, they are designe

How to Use a Relay in Car Electronics
by Bado in Cars
A relay is an electromagnetic switch. When power or ground is applied to a coil, the relay clicks on or off. The result is that a power wire to a function is either closed (connected) or opened (disconnected). When the line is connected, the function is turned on and works. When the line is disconnected, the function is turned off and will not work. A relay can be used on alarm systems to disable

Use of Electronics in Schools
by nasy in Education
Electronics dominate life in many ways, such as people getting rid of their home landline phones in favor of cell phones. Communication often occurs more frequently through social networking and text messages than conversation. Electronics are used in schools both by educators for teaching and by students for entertainment and learning. Educational UsesElectronics have morphed previous methods

How to Get Roaches Out of Electronics
by greggerz in Home & Garden
Unfortunately, by the time you notice roaches scurrying around inside your electronics, you already have a larger infestation elsewhere in your home. You can kill the electronic intruders, but unless you also attack the main infestation, they will return in short order. The good news is that an old-fashioned spring cleaning and a bit of vigilance can go a long way toward solving your roach problem

How to Protect Electronics Against EMP
by Paul McKee in Electronics
EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is energy that a device or a nuclear explosion can omit, causing damage to electronic equipment. Damage to electronics and other materials that conduct electricity have been reported to reach as far as 930 miles away from the source of the EMP. Sending out an EMP burst can render electronic devices unusable. However, it is possible to protect your electronics from EM

How to Troubleshoot TV Electronics
by poofyhairguy in Electronics
When using a television system there are many different things that can go wrong, from inputs not being hooked up correctly to the TV failing to power on. When you run into these issues with the TV, you need to troubleshoot the hardware. Although it may require you to use the TV's user manual, you can correct your equipment problems on your own, without the aid of a TV repair center.Difficulty:Mod

CAD Software for Electronics
by Bunny loves data in Computers
Computer aided drawing (CAD) programs for electronics rise in price with increased sophistication and functionality. These programs eliminate the potential errors of hand-drafted schematics. Most contemporary CAD software is available for download from the Internet. Free CAD SoftwareCircuitmaker 2000 is a great tool for designing simple circuits for prototyping purposes. This program can simula


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