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Python 2.7 - Check if first element in two-element tuple in list of single-element tuples
by bhakins in Programming Languages

First-time poster.

I have two lists of tuples.

The first list has tuples with two elements:

list_a = [('a','apple'), ('b','banana'), ('c','cherry')]

A second list has tuples with only one element:

list_b = [('d',), ('e',), ('a',)]

I need to remove tuples in list_a for which the first element of the

How to remove the input element and wrap each clone element into li element using jquery?
by vxnick in Programming Languages

Using the following HTML content,

<div class="a_list"><iniput type="checkbox"><input/><p>Test Results from A column</p></div>
<div class="a_list"><iniput type="checkbox"><input/><p>Test Results from B column</p></div>
<div class="a_list"><iniput type="checkbox"><input/><p>Tes

How to position an HTML element on top of another element without affecting the layout of the element(s) beneath?
by CWC in Web Design

Generally speaking, HTML layout is flow-based. Each element gets positioned after the one before it, either to the right of it or beneath it. There are plenty of exceptions, of course, that you can get by playing with styles, but even then, if you change the order of something, most things "flow" around it and make room for it.

But occasionally I see things that behave very differ

how to get the index or the element itself of an element found with “if element in list”
by SystemOverclock in Programming Languages

Does a direct way to do this exists?

if element in aList:
#get the element from the list

I'm thinking something like this:

aList = [ ([1,2,3],4) , ([5,6,7],8) ]
element = [5,6,7]
if element in aList
#print the 8

JQuery: How to Extract Element and insert Text/Element before the extracted Element?
by undeinpirat in Programming Languages


I would appreciate your advice. Given the following snippet:

<div id="parent"><div id="child">ChildText<span id="subchildtext"><b>SubChildText</b></span></div></div>

I want to:

Extract the span Element
==>var span = $("#child").find("span");

Prepend some

Is there any way in CSS to have a child element target a parent element more than one element back?
by DesiPower in Web Design

I know there probably is, but here's the situation:

I have a mega menu with links in the tab. I'd like for the tab to show on focus when a link on the inside of the tab has the focus.

Most mega menus only work on hover. I've got the <li> to work on focus (because it's right before the that shows), using li:focus. But once you tab to the i

Replace element in vector if element is x and previous element is na, in R
by cengel4 in Programming Languages
foo <- c("a","a",NA,"b","a","a","b","b")

How to replace "b" by whatever if previous element is NA ?

foo[foo=="b" & "previous-element"==NA] <- "whatever"

So expected output would be :

result <- c("a","a",NA,"whatever","a","a","b","b")

So only "b" (many in real datas) preceded by NA would

If element class is equal to nav element value then hide element
by Paul J Warner in Programming Languages

I'm trying to make a dynamic nav so when an nav item is clicked it shows elements with the same class as nav value.


$('section nav a').on({
click: function() {
var navElement = $(this).val();
if ( $('article').attr('class') != navElement ) {

How to add element with old element's html and remove old element in Jquery with new?
by Paul McKee in Programming Languages

I want to add new element by jquery with old element and also remove old element in place of new.

For ex,

<div id="a1"> </div>

should be like

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td class="Frame_Box_top_left"></td>
<td class="Frame_Box_top"

JQuery if next element is last element hide another element
by Igor Carron in Web Design

Keep clicking the down button here: http://thomasgrist.tumblr.com/ until you reach the end. The down arrow should disappear one click sooner. Any ideas how I can achieve this with the following code?

I'm a noob but I think that I need to right a condition into my else statement and say if index = something do this but I don't know what the index should be or how to write this.


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