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jquery: Paste a set of elements over another set of elements / merging elements
by Paul McKee in Web Design

I have 2 sets of elements:

<div class='container container1'>
<div class='colors'>
<div class='blue'></div>
<div class='red'></div>
<div class='drinks'>
<div class='soda'>coke</div>
<div class='juice'></div>

Select child elements with jQuery where div contents match and modify other elements nearby
by codelurker in Web Design

OK, this is the basic layout.

<div class="products">
<div class="product_item">
<a href="#">
<div class="item_title">Unique Title 1</div>
<div class="item_price_box">
<p class="item_price">
<span class="item_price_label">Price</d

Advantages of Domain object representing only elements of one type over being able to represent several different types of elements
by MD. in Web Design

1) As far as I’m aware, each domain object instance ( at BLL layer ) should completely represent an element of the domain ( an employee, book, car etc ).

So what is an advantage of having two types of domain objects, say one type representing a particular forum and other type representing a thread(s) in that forum, over having a single domain obj

Help using LINQ to select all elements that match all elements on a linked table that are inside an array
by tdowg1 in Programming Languages

This ones a bit odd so I'll try and explain it first in plain English. I have three tables.




where the relationship is TBL_PROFILE --> TBL_LANGUAGE_LINK <-- TBL_LANGUAGES

so if a person speaks 3 languages, they would have three entries in TBL_LANGUAGE_LINK.

Basically I'm passin

Is it possible to use pseudo-elements to make containing elements wrap around an absolutely-positioned element (like a clearfix)?
by gnirpaz in Programming Languages

I am making a lightweight responsive jQuery slider for my site, and am using the very common markup:


<div id="slider">
<li><img class="active" src="slide1.jpg" alt=""></li>
<li><img src="slide2.jpg" alt=""></li>
<li><img src="slide3.jpg" alt=""></li>

CSS jQuery menu where elements drop down and subsequent clicked elements push the 1st, 2nd, etc… down
by Imaginer in Web Design

I'm trying to create a jQuery menu that, when clicked, uses a slide down (.slidedown?) effect. Then, when subsequent <articles> are toggled from display:none to display:block, they push the first down thus lengthening the body of the page and pushing the footer down (not just changing z-value and covering up the previous selection(s).

I'm using html5 boilerplate

How To Create Custom Form Elements That Extend Doctrine Entity Select Elements
by Flapdrol1337 in Web Design

I am trying to create a custom element where I can pre-set an entity namespace say -- ApplicationEntityUser and easily add that element to any form. I have an issue with injecting the doctrine em in form elements -- I found this post about the form_elements key in configuration but it doesnt work -- so I figured maybe just setup the element and pass it the objectmanage

Nokogiri XML.children returning formatting elements in addition to actual elements. How does one avoid this?
by amiT jaiN in Programming Languages

I have the following XML:


I want to parse the following:


Graphic elements not assigned parent elements on Safari iPad when using Google Closure
by thejunglegod in Web Design

I'm using Google closure to create a simple interactive graphic in HTML/JS to be viewed on iPad Safari.

The code sample below shows expected behavior on Safari Mac and all other major browsers (a circle appears that when clicked generates a console message), but not Safari iPad. No event handler is registered with the circle. Instead, an error is thrown.


How browser determines, where to put line breaks in Block elements/Inline elements?
by davidg in Web Design

A concrete example:

I have a menu: a list, which shows daughterly lists on :hover over its elements. For such a daughterly list I didn't set any specific width or height. I don't want to set a fixed width for the daughterly list, but don't want the linebreaks to occur as long as the daughterly menu entries can fit in one line, but for some reason browser does make the linebreaks af


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