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email application help. Send email to made up email address which is redirected to real email
by qba73 in Programming Languages

I'm wondering how i would go about making the following application:

a user signs up, say with the username "johny-jones".
Lets say for example that my domain is www.example.com
if anyone emails johny-jones@example.com this email is redirected to johny-jones REAL email address

“Issue viewing email? View email online?” unique link in Codeigniter email
by Gogonez in Programming Languages

I'm not sure where to begin with this task, so I'm looking for an answer on just the idea of how to go about doing this.

When a new user creates an account on my Codeigniter site I send him/her an email about signing up (very typical). Here is how I'm sending the email...

$subject = 'Welcome to __________, ' . $firstName . '!';
$emailData = array(

Email showing html source when i send email using codignator email class
by Peter Z in Coding

I have a problem in sending html mail with attachment in codeignitor using codeignitor email class the mail showing html code instead of html view.

i had set the mailtype as html in config below is my code

$mail_to = "email@gmail.com";
$from_mail = $useremail;
$from_name = $userfname;
$reply_to = $useremail;

How can I send email to multiple email addresses using Email::Simple in Perl?
by cbrunny in Programming Languages

I want to be able to send email to multiple email addresses in:

my $email = Email::Simple->create(
header => [
To => '"My Name" <myname@something.com>',
From => '"Someone1" <some@somewhere.com>',
Subject => $subject,
body => $body
sendmail($email, {transport =&g

isnull(email,'') = '' is NOT interpreted by it self as (email is null or email = '')?
by tanknique in Databases

as a fact of performance which one is better? Is there a difference between the actual 3 three versions of sql-server (2000 / 2005 / 2008)?

It could be possible to create an email addon to convert an email address in a generic soap client?
by bdurbin in Development Tools & Services

What i mean?

Body:Soap Body Here

And receive response to my email.

It could be possible to create an addon to gmail or something like that to do that?

Firefox has a simple - i think addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-

Magento - How to format the email address in “Store Email Addresses”?
by Virginia in Development Tools & Services

What I'm trying to do is format the email address like so Foo Bar <foo@bar.com> so email clients (including web based like gmail) will show the sender as "Foo Bar" and not just "foo" since that is the prefix on the email.

Is this possible in Magento 1.5? If I try to put the formatting in the field itself I get an error message.

Rails 3 Action Mailer: Possible to send email to self from User's email (for 'Contact Us' form)?
by dagar in Development Tools & Services

Hi I'm trying to make a mailer for a contact us form. The email would be :from user@email.com and be :to my@email.com . Is this possible to do over SMTP in development? Does ActionMailer actually send the email from the users email account or is it just a fake email? The reason I want to use user@email.com as the sender is because I want it to be easy for me to just re

After sending an in App email with photo attachment the Email window won't dismiss even when I hit send or cancel
by Traut in Mobile Programming

I'm in a bit of trouble, I've spent half a day working onto this issue I have with no major results after all deprecations in iOS6 and other issues. This iOS app, has a send email option when after pushing a button, the app takes a screenshot of my WebView, attaches it to the email and from there, have the normal options to cancel or send the email and return to the app. I made it to the part w

Facebook SDK : sometimes email field return null ( with “email” permission set )
by Bong Munoz in Development Tools & Services

I have a Facebook App written in PHP. Asked for user's "email" permission. I noticed that I obtained 90% of user's email address, but not some.

I know that the email permission allows Facebook App to get the primary email address stated in user's profile, but why does the SDK sometimes return null?

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