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Flex 3 css embed throws "Invalid Embed directive in stylesheet' error on linux
by Per in Operating Systems

We have a flex application which compiles fine on windows box using mxmlc ant task but when we try to run the same build scripts on linux, it throws the 'Invalid Embed directive in stylesheet' error indicating it is not able to resolve the path to the image files.

Can someone pls. educate me on if there is a difference in the way the image files are looked up, in a CSS file, on wind

Embed YouTube videos in HD with new embed code (small video player)
by Eric in Web Design

The newest YouTube embed code will only play videos in HD if the embedded player is large. My embedded player is small. Is there a way to make it play in HD anyway?

How to embed CI tank_auth into an existing website (embed in div on page)?
by vylycyn in Coding

I'm new to CI, and I'll admit that I'm not comfortable with it yet. However, for now, I only want to use it for 1 thing (until I do get more familiar with it). I want to use tank_auth as my mechanism for controlling logins to the site. I already have a lot of the site built out, and I don't want to modify everything right now. What I would like to do it is embed the login form and logout link i

How to embed HTML via JS embed code
by Vick Aita in Web Design

I need to give the user a snippet of js code that will insert some HTML code into the page.

I'm wondering what the best method to do so is. Should I use document.write, should I just create all the HTML elements via DOM programmatically?

Is it possible to use a js library? I can see conflicts occurring if the webpage the code is embedded in already contains the library.

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Image Embed or not Embed? (flex)
by dreampunchboy in Programming Languages

Who can tell me when I embed a Spark Image Source? ...

In folloring case in my mobile app. There is an Image (Spark) with a multidpi src. But that's not all... when the device orientation changes, the image source property will linked to another multidpi src (optimized for newOrientation).

in code:

image.source = multiLands;

Jetty: To embed or not to embed?
by Ryan in Programming Languages

What are the benefits of embedding jetty vs deploying your webapp(s) in jetty? If you are planning on deploying more than one web app, should you strictly stick with deploying a war file for each web app (as opposed to writing an embedded server which calls each web app)?

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How to Embed SP3
by vb.net in Computers
Microsoft updated Windows XP, its venerable operating system, several times during the product's lifetime. The company released Service Pack 3, its last major update in early 2008, even though Windows Vista was released a year earlier. The update normally installed right over the top of an existing Windows XP install, but users who wanted to install a fresh copy of Windows XP had to either install
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Is it possible to embed wps in my app
by Riparian in Operating Systems

Is it possible to embed a wps functionality in a native iOS app? I would like to design a graphical interface from which to allow the user who has physical access to a router with a wps button to have the iPhone join that wifi network using wps. Any general advise where to start from?

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How to Embed a GIF
by Mario Tristan in Internet
When programming a website in the hypertext markup language (HTML), you can insert images using the img tag. Although websites utilize many dynamic languages, HTML is the basic language common to all websites. The image tag can be used to insert and embed any type of image including the graphics interchange format (GIF). GIF is typically used for animation images, although can also be used for sta
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How to Embed an SWF
by Erwin in Computers
Websites that include SWF animations provide a more dynamic experience to the site viewers. The display output for Adobe Flash projects is Shockwave (SWF). The Flash interface includes a process for generating the SWF code necessary for embedding in a Web page. Perhaps you have acquired a SWF file but don't own Flash. Use Adobe code and insert values specific to your animation to embed and display
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