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BeautifulSoup: How to remove empty tables, while preserving tables that are partially empty or not empty
by FuzzyHornet in Programming Languages

I have an old website originally created in MS Frontpage that I'm trying to defrontpagify. I've written a BeautifulSoup script that does most of it. Only thing left is to remove empty tables, eg tables with no text content or data in any of their td tags.

The problem I'm stuck on is that what I've tried so far removes the table if at least one its td ta

Empty array in PHP -> JSON -> JS = empty array in Javascript. How to get empty Object instead?
by gorcorps in Javascript

So here is the basis for building my JSON response back to my JS.

$this->_response['vendor'] = array();
foreach ($_results as $_row) {
$this->_response['vendor'][$_row['id']] = $_row;

This is fine and builds objects in javascript fine, unless there were no results. In that case, the php s

How can I check for empty fields in a structure array in Matlab and store all the vectors that are not empty?
by chetansha in Programming Languages

I have a 32x1 struct array. Each element of this array has several fields. I am trying to check which elements are empty (done), but then I want to create a vector with all the elements that were not empty.

For example I have the struct array called satdata, from which I want to see if the field SVID is empty, so satdata(i).S

How to replace input with text on load if not empty, but also on blur if initially empty and typed into?
by MD. in Programming Languages

Please help me to improve the following script: http://jsfiddle.net/n9BkM/8/

I need the following fucntionality:

Value attribute of input field can be blank - then it shows just like now (after entering showing div with change button)
Input already has some value - there can be some value before the page loads ( http://jsfiddle.net/n9BkM/9/ ) - then it shows the div wi

Empty page on running app with Xcode 4.3.3 for a basic Master-Detail App / Empty App template
by GalaxiaGuy in Mobile Programming

It's so simple that I can't believe am running into this! really!

Environment :
iOS SDK 5.1
iOS Simulator 5.1
Macbook Pro - OS X version 10.7.4
XCode ver 4.3.3

I opened Xcode (I just installed Xcode 4.3.3) & created a Master-Detail App. In the Table View Controller (that is in the Storyboard by default), I changed the cell type from "Dynamic" to

Backbone model default values : null ? empty string ? empty array?
by clamum in Web Design

In my Backbone app, models are instantiated when I retrieve data from an HTTP JSON API. Values vary from this service, so I decided for consistency to provide defaults so all the models share at least the same base attributes. Useful for templating for instance.

I'm just wondering : what's the best value to assign to each attribute ? Some will be strings, some numbers,

How do you get GSON to omit null or empty objects and empty arrays and lists?
by BHZ-GTR in Programming Languages

I am using Gson and I am in a situation in which I have to shrink the size of certain Json strings. I would like to do so by getting it to not put null objects, only empty values, and empty lists and arrays into the Json string.

Is there a straightforward way to do that?

Let me clarify a bit: I want everything that says: emptyProp:{} or emptyArray:[] to be skipped. I

repeat data in the empty lines untill a non-empty line occurs
by South Korea in Programming Languages

I have a data file that looks like this:

xyz123 2.000 -0.3974 0.0 hij123
6.0 lmn123
8.7 efg123
13.9 uvw123
28.5 rst123

How to make the first option of a select input give an empty value so that it is seen by validation as an empty 'required' field?
by PatrickSimonHenk in Development Tools & Services

I have created a form which includes required fields validated by Jquery validate.js.

Im looking for the simplest way to give an empty value to the first select option so that when a user does not select an option from the required field the validation can not submit the form due to a required field being left blank.

below is an example of how the form is coded. Than

Javascript to check for empty form elements, deny submit if empty, send alert message
by Anderson in Web Design

So I've been looking around at code and seeing what is possible through javascript. I have a code that currently checks if a form has empty elements and denies it to be submitted if any are empty. The thing is I tried to add an alert if the elements were empty and an alert if the elements were not empty but it did not work. I don't seem to know enough about java script to go about editing it. <

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