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How can I encrypt a link in order to encrypt the file location and keep it hidden?
by dreampunchboy in Development Tools & Services

I don't have a clue of what I have to do in order to fix that and after searching this website it looks like I could get an answer here.

I'm working on a website of a client. He's a marketer and he has digital products and he allows some of them to be downloaded for free.

After they click the download, I send them an email with a link for the download.

My que

How could I can get this encrypt result in java with 3DES(DESede) encrypt method?
by tdowg1 in Java

Key: 31323334353637383837363534333231
Expressly: 21222324252627281122334455667788
Ciphertext: 0b8bbac7d7c5f6c5879170f3a9ad7099

The above result is achieved in the C++ language. 3DES encryption key is allows to be 16 bytes in C++, but it must be 24 bytes in java (if insufficient padded).

Now, how to do in java,then I could get the encrypted result like 0b8bb

How much data should i encrypt with RSACryptoServiceProvider.Encrypt?
by WiseUp216 in Development Tools & Services

I found an example online using RSACryptoServiceProvider.Encrypt which encrypts andd decrypts a string. Only now did i realize, is this a bad idea? Should i be using something like RijndaelManaged and encrypting the Key and IV (48bytes) with RSACryptoServiceProvider.Encrypt then encrypt the rest of the data with AES?

Extra question: Would RSACryptoServiceProvider blow up in my face

Encrypt a file using File.Encrypt and then Decrypt it to memory stream
by Rakewell in Programming Languages

I need to implement a simple file encryption and then decrypt it, when needed, to a memory stream.
The easiest way seems to do this with File.Encrypt, but is it possible to decrypt the file to memory stream, instead of decrypting the file before reading it to memory stream, and thus exposing it for a while?

And if File.Encrypt is not the best way for this scenario, what would y

compare previous ENCRYPT() call with new ENCRYPT() call mysql
by Roman in Programming Languages

I'm storing a string in mysql with the ENCRYPT() function. I want to fetch a row where that string is matched, but the new ENCRYPT() call gives me a different value, so they never match.

This is expected as i'm not (and can't) give it a consistent salt:

If no salt<

How to make this: J2ME encrypt C# decrypt And J2ME decrypt C# encrypt?
by DMasterX in C & C++ & C#


string keystr = "0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef";
string plainText = "www.bouncycastle.org";
RijndaelManaged crypto = new RijndaelManaged();
crypto.KeySize = 128;
crypto.Mode = CipherMode.CBC;
crypto.Padding = PaddingMode.PKCS7;
crypto.Key = keystr.ToCharArray().Select(c=>(byte)c).ToArray();

How to Encrypt VBS
by eferro in Computers
VBS, or Visual Basic Script, is a type of file format used by Windows operating systems as well as by the Internet Explorer Web browser. You can edit a VBS file by using text editors such as Notepad and WordPad. Encrypting a VBS file can make it secure from unauthorized access. You can use a built-in encryption tool called the Windows Encrypting File System (EFS) to encrypt a VBS file.Difficulty:E
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How to AES Encrypt in .NET without an IV
by k19k in Programming Languages

We have a legacy part of our Classic ASP application that use some code which is supposed to encrypt/decrypt strings with Rijndael (AES). This code was found on the Internet here (Rijndael AES Block Cipher (VB Version)). I already found a question on SO that references this exact library and which ask almost the same thing as me, but I suspect at least one thing that goes wrong (other than addi

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How to Encrypt Your USB
by Pierre LeBoo in Computers
USB drives, also called thumb drives and memory sticks, are a way to transport data. The portable drives can be used on any computer that has a USB port. You simply plug the drive into the USB port, and the data is accessible on the computer. The only downside to USB drives is that their portability increases the risk of them being lost or stolen. If you are using your portable drive to carry arou
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by Engr62 in Programming Languages

I'm developing a Web Site using ASP.NET MVC 3, Nowadays I need to encrypt the ID of my customer's URL. For example:


to something like that:


It need be secure.
When I say secure, It means hard to any one discover the correct

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