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What Is the Difference Between Close Ended and Open Ended Mutual Funds?
by patrickcarver in Personal Finance
Mutual funds are a type of investment where investors are able to pool money together to leverage assets with others who share the same investment objective. Mutual funds may invest in several hundred stocks, bonds or a combination of the two. Mutual funds may be open-ended or close-ended. DifferenceThe fundamental difference between an open-ended mutual fund and a close-ended mutual fund is ho

Difference in Open-Ended & Closed-Ended Questions
by besn in Careers & Job Searching
When choosing which type of question to ask, closed-ended or open-ended, think about the types of answers you want to receive. Also think about the goals of the questions you are asking. People often choose to use a few of both types of questions in order to utilize the benefits of each type. Intended AnswerWhen an interviewer asks an open-ended question they intend one type of answer. Similarl

Open Ended vs. Closed Ended Real Estate
by tiagoggama in Personal Finance
Real estate can be bought and sold on the stock market when it is packaged inside a real estate investment trust. A REIT is a financial security, similar to a mutual fund, in which you can invest in shares. Like mutual funds, REITs can be open-ended or closed-ended. The way your REIT is designed affects the way your shares are priced. REIT BasicsA REIT is a company that pools together investor

Open-Ended Lease Vs. Close-Ended Lease
by christiandsg in Personal Finance
Equipment -- such as a car or machinery needed for a business -- is often expensive. For consumers and many businesses, it may make financial sense to expense the cost of the equipment out over time, and lease instead of buy. There are different types of leases, and each lease is bound by its own terms. Open- and Closed-End LeasesA closed-end lease is often referred to as a “walk-away lea

How to Take a Two-Ended Speaker Wire & Turn it Into a One-Ended Wire
by Timur Asaliev in Electronics
Both the two-wire speaker wire and the one-ended RCA style plug adapters use the same positive and negative transmission, so converting from one to the other is a matter of changing connectors. On two-wire speaker wire, the marked side of the wire is positive and the blank side of the wire is negative. On an RCA connection the two are combined into one plug by having the positive connection throug

Last xml tag not ended in xmlparser
by Mai72 in Programming Languages

I bounced in a very strange problem: a restricted set of results to an http request like:
producing the xml code you may easily read, never reach the didEndElement callbac

How to tell if a process has ended?
by Mario Tristan in Operating Systems

Besides using top, is there a more precise way of identifying if the last executed command has finished if I had to check in a separate session over Putty?

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How do I know, when my thread is ended?
by David Bjornn in Programming Languages

I'm developing a game and I'm using multiple Threads for my loading screen, to load the music and the textures.

I start the threads this way:

backgroundgeluidThread = new Thread(loadmusic);
backgroundtexturesThread = new Thread(loadtextures);

After that, I use an

How to Get Over an Ended Friendship
by zokudu in Relationships & Family
Sometimes the closest friendships have to come to an end, whether you got into an epic fight, saying hurtful things to each other you can't take back, or you simply have grown apart. Getting over the end of a friendship can sometimes be worse than a breakup with a significant other because friends are supposed to be forever. Keeping yourself busy and spending time with other friends will help you

What Is an Open-Ended Lease?
by Blunc in Personal Finance
Most people lease cars so that they can save money on their monthly car payments and avoid maintenance problems along the way. In some cases, this plan can backfire, and you can be forced to pay a large amount of money on the back end of the transaction. With an open-ended lease, you are responsible for the value of the car at the end of the term. Open-Ended Versus Closed-EndedThe two types of
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