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Autosuggestion is not working on my search engin
by Poland in Web Design

I have implemented dbsight on my server. It is working fine. Just one option is missing: it is not showing me autosuggestion on the search result page like in the demo page:


In my search result page it is not displaying me suggestion list.
I have found the suggest.ftl file but it

Netbeans module developpement: How to benefit the freemarker engin without using a file template module?
by taviso in Programming Languages

I created a "custom wizard" module in Netbeans 7.2 and I want to generate a couple of files using freemarker engine.

I m not using a "file type wizard" (as I dont want the "template" to appear in "New file" dialog)

I tried using @templateRegistration annotation on the wizard action class but cant get the template file.

Is there a way to get for exemple a cust

Google app engin, python: Google, Facebook, Twitter, OpenID account
by Kuer in Programming Languages

Do anyone know if there are alternatives of Django-SocialAuth which support Google, Facebook, Twitter and OpenID account.

I prefer webapp version instead of Django.

Or if you have done once would you mind sharing it?

Thanks in million.

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