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jquery contenteditable enter “How do I trigger shift-enter when someone presses enter?”
Category : Programming Languages

When pressing enter in contenteditable in chrome, a div is inserted. This interferes with my markup, I need it to be a br.

I know that shift-enter is a br. What is the best way to solve the problem?


Reformulating the question: How do I trigger shift-enter when someone presses enter?

I've tried writing something like this:


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PostgreSql + Escape Enter Key from Query Statement ie Enter Key pressed betweent the data
Category : Programming Languages

Suppose we have a textarea in which we put example string. Textbox contain :

Earth is revolving around the Sun.

But at the time of saving, I just pressed a enter key after "the sun". Now the statements in texbox ::

Earth is revolving around
the Sun.

Now I am trying to fetch the data but unable just because of that en

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Emacs - how do I automatically enter minor modes when I enter a major mode?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm kind of a newb when it comes to emacs. I know about the .emacs file but have very little idea as to do anything more advanced than elementary stuff.

Whenever I enter latex-mode, I'd also like to automatically turn on flyspell-mode, reftex-mode, auto-fill-mode, and also set fill-column to 120. How do I edit my .emacs file to do this?


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Regex to enter only alphabets and donot enter any other characters
Category : Programming Languages

I have a Regex which contains the following .Is this suitable restricting the user only to enter alphabets and do not allow numbers ,special characters such as (',@#$%^&*())


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jquery ctrl+enter as enter in text area
Category : Web Design

I am trying to reproduce standard instant messenger behavior on TEXT area control:
enter works as send button. ctrl+enter as real enter.

function MessageTextOnKeyEnter(e)
if (!e.ctrlKey && e.keyCode == 13)
return false;

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How to simulate tab and enter key when enter is pressed, preferably in JavaScript
Category : Javascript

I have found lots of solutions on how to replace enter with tab key, but I need to simulate tab and enter on enter, please help:

I have an input field and then a list of links (the list is filtered by the input). When I'm done typing and press enter I want the first link to be "clicked". I assume one way i could do this is by simulating a tab key before the enter key, but how do i d

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Can trigger enter be directional i.e trigger enter to happen only in one side and not on all sides of a collider in unity3d?
Category : Web Design

In my game the player running in forward direction on a path triggers the collider to instantiate the enemies, when the same player comes in opposite direction and triggers the collider i dont want the player to instantiate enemies. How to achieve this please help..

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Lock keyword calls Monitor.Enter(Object) or Enter(Object, Boolean)?
Category : Programming Languages

In Monitor documentation of .NET Framework 4.5 I found a sentence, which says that lock keyword uses Enter(Object, Boolean) method of Monitor:

The functionality provided by the Enter and Exit methods is identical to that provided by the C# lock statement (SyncLock in Visual Basic), except that lock and SyncLock wrap the Enter(Object, Boolean) method overload and the Exit method in

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firefox autocomplete 'enter' keypress on autocomplete triggering enter on textbox
Category : Programming Languages

I have a form with some common fields like "email". I have javascript that catches the return key (13) and submits the form, but the same effect was observed when using the defaultButton property on the host panel.

If the user is on IE and is typing his email address, then selects an item from the browser's inline autocomplete by pressing ENTER, no keypress is sent to Javascript. GO

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Replace “Shift-Enter” line break with “Enter” in word document using Microsoft office API
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a number of word documents that will be converted to HTML. It is required the paragraphs in the word documents should be converted to <p> elements.

After some tests with the Microsoft Office API's SaveAs method to convert the documents to the HTML, I realized the paragraphs with manual line breaks (break by "Shift-Enter") couldn't be placed in a separated

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