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mogenerator doesn't generate any entities even though datamodel contains entities. Reports “No entities found in model. No files will be gen
by David in Operating Systems

I'm trying to get mogenerator (1.26 latest) to generate some boiler plate classes from a core data model (xcdatamodel) and it reports:

No entities found in model. No files will be generated.
(model description: (<NSManagedObjectModel: 0x10012e410>) isEditable 1, entities {
}, fetch request templates {

Even though the contents of the xc

Hibernate Updating Collection of entities, returning to the user the number of updated entities
by kevotheclone in Web Design

I have a collection of entities from the database that is shown to the user (web application with Spring). The user can change one or more entities(rows) and submit all his changes together to the server (not one-by-one).

What is the recommended way of updating only the rows that have changed using Hibernate? At the moment I am storing the original collection as a property in the c

How to save a single entity or entities within an NHibernate Session without saving other dirty entities?
by Edwin Goei in Programming Languages

How do I flush certain parts of a session but not other parts?

For example:

ISessionFactory sessionFactory = CreateSessionFactory();
ISession session = sessionFactory.OpenSession();
Employee first = session.Get<Employee>(FirstEmployeeId);
Employee second = session.Get<Employee>(SecondEmployeeId);
first.Name = "Michael Johnson";

Doctrine association mapping between entities in different bundle or relate entities from two different bundles?
by jrok96 in Programming Languages


namespace AcmeRegionBundleEntity;
class Region
private $id;
* @ORMOneToMany(targetEntity="User")
* @ORMJoinColumn(name="region_id", referencedColumnName="id")
private $users;


namespace AcmeUserBundleEntity;
class User
private $i

Linq to Entities: Mixed graph of Entities, EntityKeys, Attached, and New Objects
by xes in Programming Languages

In my data model I have a fairly common division between my objects/tables/data:

"Transactional" entities that represent the work that is being done by the system. These entities are created by the system and are only important in specific contexts. They are regularly created on the fly. (Aside: Is there a proper name for this type of entity?)
"Data Dictionary" entities that repre

CRM 2011 using Func<> in CreateQuery adds all entities to attached entities in xrmServiceContext
by uo7 in Coding

When I'm passing a

Func<EntityType,bool> sourceFunc = a => a.Name == "name";


var crmEntities = m_xrmServiceContext.CreateQuery<EntityType>().Where(sourceFunc);

and then call

int i = crmEntities.ToList().Count;

it puts all the entities of EntityType in xrmServiceContext

How do you create a Set of Entities which all have Relations to other Entities with Specific Attributes? In Core Data
by Janne Lammi in Programming Languages

I've got a Core Data entity called "Card" which has a relationship "info" to another entity, "CardInfo". It's a one-to-many relationship: each card can have multiple CardInfos, but each CardInfo only has one Card.

The CardInfo entity just has two strings, "cardKey" and "cardValue". The object is to allow for arbitrary input of data for cards. Say, you wanted to know what color a car

Do we have to configure HasXXX and WithYYY on both entities (as opposed to only one of the entities) to establish a relationship?
by Barfo in Programming Languages

Assume that I have two entities as follows:

class Blog
public Blog()
Posts = new HashSet<Post>();
public int Id { get; set; }
// other properties go here
public ICollection<Post> Posts { get; set; }
class Post
public int Id { get; set; }
//other propertie

C# PredicateBuilder Entities: The parameter 'f' was not bound in the specified LINQ to Entities query expression
by Spain in Programming Languages

I needed to build a dynamic filter and I wanted to keep using entities. Because of this reason I wanted to use the PredicateBuilder from albahari.

I created the following code:

var invoerDatums = PredicateBuilder.True<OnderzoeksVragen>();
var inner = PredicateBuilder.False<OnderzoeksVragen>();
foreach (var filter in set.RapportInvoerFilter.ToList

Ordering the results of a Hibernate Criteria query by using information of the child entities of the asked entities
by in Programming Languages

I have got two entities Person and Book. Only one instance of a specific book is stored to the system (When a book is added, application checks if that book is already found before adding a new row to the database). Relevant source code of the entities is can be found below:

@SequenceGenerator(name="id_sequence", sequenceName="hibernate_se

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