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What Does it Take to Become an Entrepreneur?
by glenn1 in Business
An entrepreneur is someone who begins her own business and takes the risks to turn it into a successful enterprise. If you are working for another company and are thinking about striking out on your own, decide whether the entrepreneurial life is suited for. You need to understand what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Ideas, Passion and VisionAn entrepreneur needs an idea he is pas

How to Become an Art Entrepreneur
by AJacques in Business
Although many colleges and universities offer art as a major course of study, most artists only make creative works as a hobby. If you possess artistic skills, however, you can turn your creative pursuits into a profitable business. You can create and sell artworks on a part-time basis, allowing you to work around your job, or take your business full-time.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Launch

How to Become an Eco Entrepreneur
by chanley in Business
From organic produce vendors to transport consultants, everyone's jumping on the eco-bandwagon. But being an eco-entrepreneur means navigating your ship of state through some potential white-water. You'll need to keep a vigilant eye to the viability of your green biz at all times. Here are some ways to maximize your chances in today's market.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Identify supply an

How to Become an Entrepreneur
by avi in Careers & Job Searching
An entrepreneur is someone who's able to adapt new ideas to a relevant marketplace in order to make money. While it seems like some entrepreneurs were born that way, in truth becoming an intelligent business person is more about hard work and smart choices.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Take an "ask permission later" attitude to selling and ideas by getting out there with your id

What Is Needed to Become an Entrepreneur?
by soulcougher73 in Business
You're going to need both natural talents and practical ideas to become an entrepreneur in the 21st century. However, every person is different. For example, another Bill Gates, who became an entrepreneur without a college education, might be possible in some cases. But, overall, you need to assess various basic aspects to business, education and relationships that could help make yourself a succe

Entrepreneur Ideas for Under $20
by Aires in Business
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there were 29.6 million small businesses in the United States as of 2008. Of those, 21.6 million had no employees. Those businesses were run by the individuals or few partners who actually had ownership in the business. If you have that same entrepreneurial spirit, but have a lack of funds to get started, there are some business ideas you can tr

How Can an Entrepreneur Become Financially Fit?
by RDongre in Business
Entrepreneurs often take risks when starting different businesses. A good entrepreneur sees an opportunity or a void in a specific industry and starts a business to fill the void, or provide something that people need but cannot get. There are no limits to the amount of money you can make as an entrepreneur, but there are no guarantees that your venture will be profitable, either. It is important

How to Date an Entrepreneur
by Jerome in Relationships & Family
Entrepreneurs have little time for dating and relationships. An entrepreneur may build a business around his passion, but he is also obligated to perform a myriad of other tasks, including accounting, marketing, creation, distribution and customer service. If you want to date an entrepreneur, you must understand that an entrepreneur's drive to succeed will keep him busy. A serious entrepreneur's p

Motivation to Become an Entrepreneur
by iamwiz82 in Health
Becoming an entrepreneur can create fear or anxiety for many people because of the risks involved when working for oneself. You don't start out with a certain income and you also don't know whether your venture will succeed. But even though there may be risks involved, some of the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur look more appealing than the benefits of working at a conventional job. PayOne

Entrepreneur MBA Programs
by sjmorrison in Education
Entrepreneurship coursework teaches students the skills that will take them from initial conception and design of a business plan, through financing a startup and managing a growing company, to creating partnerships and strategies. Programs invite practicing CEOs and other business experts to speak about their experiences, providing a learning opportunity that is both practical and inspiring. Entr

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