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How to Create Clusters With Equal Number of Members & Equal Average Attributes
by patrickcarver in Education
Clustering analysis is a method of examining data by assigning the data to previously undefined groups. The membership in each group is based upon similarity of characteristics. Each member of a cluster should have more in common with the other members of the same cluster than with members of other clusters. The variables by which the data is sorted may be numeric, binary, categorical, or of any o

MySQL greater than or equal to operator is ignoring its or equal to obligation
by soup006 in Databases

If a price in a row is 38.03, then the following search restrictions should all return the row containg the result.

WHERE price >= '38.02' AND price <= '38.03' (This works)

WHERE price >= '20' AND price <= '100' (This works)

WHERE price >= '38.03' AND price <= '38.03' (This doesn't work)

C++ std::equal — rationale behind not testing for the 2 ranges having equal size?
by OutOfBrain in Programming Languages

I just wrote some code to test the behavior of std::equal, and came away surprised:

int main()
std::list<int> lst1;
std::list<int> lst2;
if(!std::equal(lst1.begin(), lst1.end(), lst2.begin()))
throw std::logic_error("Error: 2 empty lists should always be equal");

Difference between equal to and exactly equal to term comparison operators
by skh in Development Tools & Services

What is the difference between the equal to (==) and exactly equal to (=:=) erlang term comparison operators?

Is there JS shorthand for conditional “not equal to a and not equal to b” and such?
by Rick James Astley in Web Design

I was just wondering if there is some JS shorthand for something like this:

if (x != 1 && x != 2) do stuff;

Does such a beast exist? Instead, I want to say something like this:

if (x != 1:2) do stuff;

equal() and equalsIgnoreCase() return false for equal strings
by ChristianM in Programming Languages

I'm working with eclipse IDE (Version: 3.4.2) on a mac and I have met the following issue.

When comparing between strings using equal() or equalsIgnoreCase() methods I receive false even when the string are equal. For example, the code below consider the following condition as false, even when values[0] = "debug_mode"

if (values[0].equalsIgnoreCase("debug_mode"))

Federal Labor Laws and Equal Pay for Equal Work
by Tom Berthon in Business
Historically, U.S. employers paid women less for doing the same work as their male counterparts. In 1963, the Department of Labor passed an amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act called the Equal Pay Act, which requires employers to pay workers approximately the same amount if they do similar work. A worker's sex cannot factor into his or her pay. Both men and women are covered under this act,

Can I change from equal to not-equal in the same prepared statement
by Justin Blanton in Programming Languages

I am trying to figure out how to create prepared statements. I have this now:

$stmt = $mysqli->stmt_init();
if($stmt->prepare("SELECT fk_player_id, player_draws, player_turn, player_passes, swapped FROM ".$prefix."_gameplayer WHERE fk_game_id = ? AND fk_player_id = ?")){
$stmt->bind_param('ii', $currgame, $playerid);

Python if valuea is equal and if valueb is not equal
by George in Programming Languages

i made little script to work with xbmc and i'm not able to get it work. Here the code:

import xbmcgui
import xbmc
while (not xbmc.abortRequested):
win = (xbmcgui.getCurrentWindowId())
menu = 0
if win == 10000 and menu != 10000:
print ("Home menu")
menu = 10000

All i want is that when home menu is

new MyObject() is not equal to new funcion MyObejct how to get them equal?
by Gianluca Riccardi in Web Design

I have a function that uses case to return an object

function GetModel(mymodel){
var mydatamodel = null;
case 'Contact':
mydatamodel = kendo.data.Model.define({
id: "__KEY",
fields: {

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