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IE9 CSS3 Drop down menu, errors errors errors
by z1ggy in Programming Languages

Before I ask my continue please keep in mind that I am only just getting back into web development and it has been almost 8 years since I have used HTML daily.

I am currently creating a website

I am using the CSS3 Drop Down Menu, I tweaked it a little bit to suit (colours, widths etc)
Here is the CSS code:

#cssmenu{ height:37px; display:block; pad

AuthLogic automatically loads errors into @base and populates those errors on a signin form
by Sigtryggur in Programming Languages
(rdb:1) @account_session = AccountSession.new
# => <AccountSession: no credentials provided>
(rdb:1) @account_session.errors
# => <Authlogic::Session::Validation::Errors:0x213cc78 @errors={}, @base=#<AccountSession: no credentials provided>>

How do I prevent this? Also note, that credentials can't be provided in advance because t

Flex Flash Builder Form. No Errors in Local Dev but Errors on Production Server
by Brandan in Programming Languages

I have been going crazy trying to figure this problem out.
I have a Flex Form application that works perfectly on my local development server. I'm using Flash Builder 4.5.1 with Zend Server community edition and PHP 5.3.8
I am deploying to a server running PHP 5.2.17
I have 2 drop down list controls on the form that are populated with data from a mysql database using a php data

ASP.NET Application hosted on IIS7 that is ignoring custom errors and falls back to IIS errors
by Keeper in Programming Languages

I have a C# web forms ASP.NET 4.0 web application that uses Routing for URLs for some reason custom errors defined in the system.web section of my web.config is entirely ignored and it will fall back the IIS errors.

This gets entirely ignored

<customErrors mode="On">
<error statusCode="500" redirect="~/Error" />

Android resource, folder showing errors in eclipse, xml files are clean for errors
by Mexico in Programming Languages

I want to add some text resources for application.

Earlier the values are as follows.


Now I want to add mcc-mnc specific resources.


works fine.

When I want to add another values folder with mcc-mnc and language qualifier e.g.

jquery validation plugin - different treatment for display errors vs. clearing errors
by Pain999 in Coding

I am using the popular jQuery Validation Plugin. It's very flexible with regards to when validations are run (onsubmit, onfocusout, onkeyup, etc.).

When validations do run, as appropriate, errors are both displayed and cleared.

Without hacking the plugin core, I'd like a way to split the behavior so:

Errors are only displayed onsubmit
But if the user subseq

How do I export failed tests in PHPunit due to syntax errors or Fatal errors?
by enginecrew in PHP

Below is my phpunit.xml file. All methods of logging stop as soon as a PHP fatal error is achieved. I want to be able to have a log of this error.

<phpunit verbose="true" colors="true" stopOnFailure="false" syntaxCheck="true">
<log type="tap" target="results/results.tap"/>
<log type="testdox-text" target="results/results

PHP errors are not displaying on the page you are developing. You only have SFTP Access to change files. How do you display the errors?
by Steven Weber in Programming Languages

PHP errors are not displaying on the page you are developing. You only have SFTP Access to change files. How do you display the errors?

Fake Errors messages are triggered when I call “viewModel.errors().length”
by Monev in Web Design

I have a ViewModel and i use that with ericmbarnard / Knockout-Validation.
In it i have this field:

self.checksum = ko.observable().extend({required: {message: " * Required"}});

In my html, this:

<input type="text" id="txtCheckSum" name="txtCheckSum" data-bind="value: checksum"/>

And I add the "input file" value

Powershell errors: Is there a way to trap “command not found” errors into a custom function?
by Jammy in Programming Languages


Suppose I have a powershell function that understands and interprets small_commands such as:

todolist.additem/title=shopping/body=get milk

Suppose further that I invoke the function like this:

myfunc [small_command goes here]

Is there a way that I can type in the small_command and stil


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