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Does a Car's A/C Freon Eventually Run Out?
by Jake Levitt in Cars
Most car owners simply accept the fact that the Freon™ in their automobile's air-conditioning system will have to be recharged periodically, as though this were an inevitability. Many drivers assume their air-conditioning system consumes coolant oil much as the engine uses fuel. Actually, a car's air-conditioning system can run for years without recharging if properly maintained. FreonFre

Looking to eventually build a smartphone app
by Ingo in Programming Languages

I'm a young, inexperienced programmer (I've had a year of Java, some MATLAB, and HTML/CSS in school) but I've decided that to get better, I'm making it my goal to produce a simple smartphone app of some kind this year- probably either webOS or Android since I'm on a PC and can't afford a Mac just to write an iPhone app.

So my question is, where do I start? I've read the threads a

How Do I Know My Boyfriend Will Eventually Want to Get Married?
by Mattias Reichel in Relationships & Family
There is a time in many relationships that you realize that your boyfriend is the person you want to marry. It is both exciting and scary because you do not know for sure he feels the same way. Even if says that he sees you long-term in his future, there is no way to know whether or not he will eventually want to get married. To know whether or not your boyfriend will eventually want to get marrie

`drush up` Eventually Asks For a Password. Why?
by TwiceOver in Programming Languages

My name's wray. (this is relavent)

I am new to using drush's fancier features. Today I was hoping to make my life easy for a core update by using the all inclusive drush up command.

While logged in via ssh, the terminal displays that server's user like the following example

serveruser [~/public_html/staging/sites/all]# drush up
JQuery Get command and eventually PhoneGap
by Steve M in Programming Languages

Ive been making a site that interacts with a Java Servlet to get data.
And its been going really well. Im running tomcat to run the site.

So at the moment im getting data like this:

$.get('data',{some parameters}, function(data) {
do stuff...

Ive also changed the 'data' to 'MYIP:8080/WebPortal/data' and it still works fine.


C# P/Invoke on CUDA DLL eventually causes AccessViolationException
by redha in Programming Languages

This is driving me crazy. I've looked all over, but I'm not sure I understand exactly what's causing this error.

I'm making a call to a DLL (that I've coded as a separate project) which runs a CUDA kernel on some data I'm using. Although, I suspect the issue isn't being caused by CUDA, since the code has been tested and works at least once, and usually 64-100 times before causing a

Why Will Drinking Saltwater Eventually Kill You?
by Pain999 in Travel
"Water, water everywhere. Not a drop to drink." Many people are familiar with this simple piece of advice regarding seawater. But why can't people drink the water from the ocean? The short answer is the salt and saltwater from any source is generally undrinkable for people and animals. Although there are exceptions, the fact that saltwater will kill you should deter anyone from trying to drink it.

How to indicate that code needs to be removed… eventually
by zealot1983 in Mobile Programming

Consider an app that needs to be compatible with iOS 5 and iOS 6.

Is there a way to mark the code that is there purely for iOS 5 compatibility, so that it appear as a compile error (or warning) when -eventually- the deployment target changes to iOS 6?

Something like this:


CBCentralManager runs in background, but eventually dies
by Dahak in Operating Systems

I successfully have CBCentralManager running in the background scanning for peripherals. I have the CBCentralManagerDelegate in a singleton method and have App communicates using CoreBluetooth in the .plist and like I say, it works great for hours in the background.

The problem I have, is when my app is completely killed because other apps have

How to track when a variable is initialized and eventually destroyed
by Sivavt in Programming Languages

Presumably i have a instance var @foo

It is set inside def initialize so i can track when it is initialized.

However i also need to track when it is destroyed.

Are there some "hook" for this? Just like method_defined or included?

Something like instance_variable_destroyed foo?

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