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“heroku db:pull --exclude table_name” How to exclude more than one table?
by Fremont in Databases

I can't find anywhere how to use "--exclude".
When I try this code

heroku help db:pull

I get this:

Usage: heroku db:pull [DATABASE_URL]
pull heroku data down into your local database
DATABASE_URL should reference your local database. if not specified, it
will be guessed from config/database.yml
-c, --chunksize SIZE

Exclude directory from intellij inspection, but not exclude from autocomplete
by Matthieu Bozec in Programming Languages

AFAIK the only way to exlcude a directory is too mark as excluded in project structure, however this would make intellij totally ignore the direcorty - thus it will not appear in autocomplete options.

I do not want this, I want exclusion from inspections but included in everything else - is this possible ?

Intellij 12.0.2, and its actually the bootstrap css and js failin

rsync exclude according to .gitignore like --cvs-exclude
by Neil Redfern in Development Tools & Services

Rsync includes a nifty option --cvs-exclude to “ignore files in the same way CVS does”, but CVS has been obsolete for years. Is there any way to make it also exclude files which would be ignored by modern version control systems (Git, Mercurial, Subversion)?

For example, I have lots of Maven projects checked out from GitHub. Typically they include a .gitignore

exclude dll in msm from msi
by John G in Programming Languages

I have a .MSI installer project created in vs2010. This .MSI includes many *.msm (merge module file). Is there a way to select specific *.msm based on different windows platform(ex: xp, win7, vista..)during installation?

For instance, if the target platform to install this .MSI is winXP, my .MSI will know what .msm to choose instead of choosing all .msm during installation.

TAGS : exclude from

Exclude a certain row
by Danny in Databases

I have a query with several joins.
My query returns the top ten people for a leader-board based on their total steps.
I want to exclude all rows that have a value in the privacy column set to out.

MySQL query as it stands:

SELECT ga.owner_id, u.displayname, g.title, SUM(ga.steps) as `Total Steps`, u.user_id, g.group_id, pri.privacy
TAGS : Exclude certain

How I do exclude 0 when using MIN with an IF?
by DCal430 in Programming Languages

I have a workbook with 2 worksheets, Sheet1 and Sheet2.

Sheet1 has a value (product code) to look up, and an empty cell to fill:


Sheet2 has a bunch of product codes and costs:

A100 35
A100 14
A100 0
jQuery :contains with exclude
by SteveGrabowski in Web Design

I want this to happen if it contains "Thing " (Thing 1, Thing 2) but not if it says "Things"

$("nav#breadcrumbs:contains('Thing')").append("<p>I'm a Thing</p>");

How to exclude an Element (via ID) in CSS
by Furchin in Web Design

I have a CSS rule like * {-webkit-transition:all 0.7s ease}, This applies to all the elements on the page, but I want to exclude an Element from this rule with ID classic, how to do this? Any help is appreciated.

TAGS : exclude Element

Regexp to exclude 101 and 110
by sham63 in Programming Languages

What is a regexp that accepts everything over the language {0,1} but has no substring 110 or 101?





Edit: Per comments on answers below, this question is asking for a formal regular expression.

TAGS : Regexp exclude

Exclude a selector in div
by knockout-2.0 in Programming Languages

I've got a div that I want to enable a click function on, but not the "a" tags inside the div or the div it's toggling:


<div class='row client-outstandings'>
<div class='twelve columns'>
<div class='panel'>
<h3><a href="{% url clients.views.view_client c.client.id %}" target="_blank">{{ c.client }}</a&g
TAGS : Exclude selector

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