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How to Set Up an Art Exhibition
by Vasiliy in Arts & Entertainment
Many people associate art with sophistication and maturity, though some believe it is only for the wealthy or snobby to appreciate. Show your friends and family your passion for arts and set up an art exhibition. Just follow these steps to learn how.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Select a location where you can set up the art exhibition. If you live near a large city, then an apartment
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How to Set Up a Photography Exhibition
by John G in Arts & Entertainment
Many a celebrated photographer launched her career with a standout exhibition of her work. Such an event provides an ideal forum for invitees to experience photography, and potentially enjoy it as well. Seasoned shutterbugs know to regularly attend exhibitions of their contemporaries, as well as retrospectives of photography luminaries, for a firm grasp of what's expected from a quality event. Beg

How to Organize an Exhibition
by Jim Davis in Arts & Entertainment
Want to choose the art that makes your museum the hottest ticket in
town? Start by looking, looking and then looking some more to develop
your eye. Next, earn a master's degree, land a job at a museum and
work your way up to a curator's position. At last you're in prime position
to organize a blockbuster exhibition.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Determine the

How to Stage an Art Exhibition
by gorbiz in Arts & Entertainment
Artists often set up their own art exhibits to further personalize the gallery for an opening. There are several things to consider when staging your own art exhibiton. You must present yourself as an artist, yet also manage the business aspects of organizing an event. Good preparation, planning and a clear idea of what sort of exhibition you want to present will increase the chances of a successf
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How to Critique an Art Exhibition
by Cenneca in Arts & Entertainment
An exhibition is a gallery's display of an art collection. Exhibitions have meaning for the hosting gallery and artist behind the work. Critiquing an art exhibition requires the evaluator to be informed about the artist and specifics of the work. Museums with great masters like Pablo Picasso and Francisco de Goya have history that portrays the work in question. Whereas an artist's personal exhibit

How to Enter a Juried Art Exhibition
by patheems in Arts & Entertainment
A juried art exhibition is a thrilling exercise for novices and experienced artists alike. Having qualified judges inspect and rule on your work according to a set of guidelines provides an objective appraisal of your progress as an artist. If you are looking to enter a juried art exhibition follow these steps.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Get your piece ready. You should have your piece read

How to Curate a Group Art Exhibition
by seigel in Arts & Entertainment
You have been asked by your local art gallery to curate a group exhibition but have no idea how to get started. While it used to be that a curator just had to have great taste in art, this is no longer the case. Nowadays, curators are expected to develop highly conceptual exhibition themes that are meant to challenge and enlighten viewers. In other words, you can’t just cobble a bunch of art

How to Hold Your First Art Exhibition and Get Best Results
by Creig in Arts & Entertainment
So you want to hold your art exhibition. Every new artist dreams of this day. The thrill, excitement, confidence boost and the feeling of being appreciated has no parallel. At the same time, this can be very tiring. Very soon you might be cutting corners and not really giving your best. Fear not, because with careful planning you can still have fun and make the most out of your exhibitionDifficult

How to Write an Art Exhibition Review
by Mossy B in Careers & Job Searching
Writing an art exhibition review for a newspaper, magazine or art gallery is a great way to get your name seen by potential employers and clients. Art exhibitions can feature gallery works by paint, sculpture and mixed mode artists. To prepare for the review, study the works and backgrounds of featured artists to glean a better understanding of their process. This way, the language of the review w

How to Stage an Exhibition at a Factory
by DrMrLordX in Arts & Entertainment
You want to showcase your art and you've worked hard, but a gallery exhibit just isn't happening. Instead of giving up, stage an exhibition at a factory. Many artists promote themselves through funding their own exhibitions. While funding your own exhibit takes money from your pocket, an exhibit also opens up an opportunity for potential buyers to see your work. An exhibit also helps circulate you

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