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How to open file in existing Vim instance instead of getting “existing swapfile ” warning
by Mistere in Programming Languages

I want Vim to reuse the currently existing instance if it exists. Usually, Vim pops up a warning about an existing swap file. Specifically, this is for switching between Vim and Visual Studio. (I know about ViEmu, but it doesn't work with Visual Studio Express.)

Change object type of a existing collection (OptionMetadataCollection) and mapping of existing types
by David Colebatch in Programming Languages

Final solution:

public class CustomOptionMetadata : OptionMetadata
public CustomOptionMetadata(OptionMetadata optionMetadata) : base()
this.Description = optionMetadata.Description;
this.ExtensionData = optionMetadata.ExtensionData;
this.Managed = optionMetadata.IsManaged;
this.Label = optionMetadata.

How do I override an existing plugin in ImageJ ? I have a custom reader for an already existing format
by Danny in Programming Languages

I am using the CSI DM3 Reader ( http://code.google.com/p/cornell-spectrum-imager/wiki/Home ) to read my .dm3 files. I would like to add drag & drop functionality for this, so I changed the file HandleExtraFileTypes.java ( http://rsbweb.nih.gov/ij/plugins/download/HandleExtraFileTypes.java ) and changed its .dm3 association in lines 101 - 103 from

if (name.endsWith(".dm3"

How can I use EF4 when I have existing POCO classes and existing tables with complex/custom map pings?
by Dennizzz in Programming Languages

I have an existing (legacy) set of business objects (classes) that are based on ado.net. They have methods to load themselves from SQL server and methods to save themselves. This has existed long before EF or linq2sql.

I'd like to use EF and all the benefits it affords. The problem is my classes implement logic to load themselves uses custom logic that maps ado.net values to its pr

Prevent error when dropping not existing sequences, creating existing users
by Rakehellion in Databases

I have a bunch of sql scripts that create / drop sequences, users and other objects. I'm running these scripts through liquibase, but they fail because oracle complains when I try to drop a non existing sequence, or create an existing user.

Is there an oracle way to prevent errors from happening?

Something of the sort

Create User / Sequence if not exists<

Is it possible to use PHPExcel to edit an existing template file, and maintain existing formatting / spreadsheet objects
by obijywk in PHP

I'm looking for a server-side (PHP) way of manipulating / producing xls / xlsx files from MySQL data.

I have an existing template xls file, with various relatively complicated cell dependant formulas and charts and such included, my hope is that I can upload this template file to my server and use PHPExcel to edit that file, and save it: allowing it to be downloaded.


MySQL - How to increase varchar size of an existing column in a database without breaking existing data?
by TreVader in Databases

I have a column that is currently varchar(100) and I want to make it 10000.

is it as simple as

alter table table_name set column col_name varchar (10000);

I am afraid to corrupt the exiting data. Will I be ok if I run this query? Or should I do I alter the column another way?


Dropthings Error A valid path must be either an existing directory, an existing file with extension '.csdl', '.ssdl', or '.msl'
by cbridi in Programming Languages

I am facing an issue with connectivity of DropthingsDataContext with the Database of Dropthings.
I have downloaded the recent Dropthings-2.8.2-src version of the Dropthings from:-

For those who do not know Dropthings, an introduction for them:-

It is a great ASP.NET foundation to build your own application upon,

Attach existing cck field to existing content type in Drupal
by KM. in Web Design

Without going through the UI, how would I add an existing CCK field type to an existing content type in Drupal?

I'm imagining I could add the change of configuration straight to the database in an 'install' file, but if not, which hook should I call for this?

Adding oAuth to Existing ASP.NET MVC 4 Site With Existing Membership Database
by Jeeebus in ASP & ASP.net

Running Visual Studio 2012 - I've looked at the new oAuth template and the default database it creates when you first run the site.

Anyone know of a tutorial on how to integrate all of these oAuth pieces into an existing MVC 4 site that already is using the Membership provider/database?

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