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Expect script, working for years, behaves unexpectedly with new Expect version
by DMasterX in Web Design

I recently migrated from a FreeBSD 4.x server to a FreeBSD 8.0 server. I am now using expect-5.43.0_3. I don't remember what the old version of expect is, and I can't quickly check, because the hard drive on the old system crashed within minutes of finishing the
migration! (WHEW!)

Anyway, I have an expect script that creates a zipped tar file and transfers it via FTP each ni

expect language, how to keep the spawned program running while the expect script is closed
by Pure Pandemonium in Network & Servers
spawn ssh -fnqX username@ google-chrome
expect -re "password"
send "passwd
interact (?)

how to keep running the chrome while the whole script is close. so I can do another thing in the same shell?
thank you very much.

new added.
spawn ssh -fnqX $log_name@ firefox
expect -re "password"
expect script + expect miss the send string + delay issue
by Erenhardt in Operating Systems

I write the active.ksh script (based on expect) in order to login automatically to some Solaris machine and execute the hostname command (login to virtual IP in order to verify which hostname is the active machine - I have two cluster solaris machines )

The problem is with expect; expect sends the password string (pass123) and it misses the Password question, and it still waits for

How to make expect command in expect program script to wait for exact string matching
by Topweasel in Network & Servers

I want to know how to make expect command in expect script to wait for exact string to be matched before proceeding to next line in the script.

The code is as shown below

spawn ssh -Y localuser@lbblr-tirumala
expect -exact "localuser@lbblr-tirumala's password: "
# replace password with ur own passwd
send "geomax45
How to make expect command in Expect module of perl search for multiple occurences of same string
by wcf in Programming Languages

I have a scenario where i am using expect module of perl to automate terminal based applications. I am passing a regular expression as an argument to the expect command as shown below

$ssh->expect(20, '-re',
'Dev:(d+)W*Bdaddr:((?:[[:xdigit:]]{2}:){5}[[:xdigit:]]{2})W*Name:' );

So i want to make the same regular expression search for multiple occur

Redirecting the output of expect to logfile in expect
by pmaiorana in Programming Languages

I am using expect in perl. I want to redirect all the output that appears on the stdout console to a log file so that i can debug it in future. Currently i am using
Instead of redirecting to this can i do it to a log file? if so how to do it?

Expect loses connection after telnet and does not send any subsequent “expect send” commands
by Zog in Coding

I have a telnet session automated.. my problem is a little confusing but ill try to explain with example....


spawn telnet 2068
after 2000
send "
expect "loader>"
send "boot n7000-s2-kickstart. n7000-s2-dk9.

Jasmine expect logic (expect A OR B)
by HoagieMon in Web Design

I need to set the test to succeed if one of the two expectations is met:


I expected it to look like this:


Is there

EXPECT and PSExec: expect not matching
by bicho44 in Programming Languages

I have a problem with a piece of expect script that gets called from within a perl script:

#!"c:Program Files clinwish85.exe"
package require Expect
set timeout 20
spawn "C:PSToolspsexec" [lindex $argv 0] [lindex cmd]
expect ">"
send "systeminfo
expect ">"
send "exit
expect eof

argv0 is a ba

how to set bash variable in expect or return variable from expect to bash
by cakephp in Operating Systems
VAR=$(expect -c '
expect "*?assword:*"
expect {
"Permission denied, please try again."{
send user "Wrong pass"
exit 5
echo "$VAR"

So I need the exit condition when t

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