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Apple's UIKit experience versus .net experience
by Spain in Mobile Programming

I am new to iPhone programming. Coming from a .net background, I find Apple's UIKit really difficult to use. For example, creating a simple static table view requires me to implement a lot of datasource and delegate methods. In .net, you just add the items and set their properties in Visual Studio, that's it! As my application is getting more complex, and as I started adding fields and other co

What Do You Put in the Employment Experience If You Have No Work Experience?
by frugivore in Personal Finance
New graduates and others new to the workforce face a dilemma: how do they complete the work experience section of a resume when they have no experience? Even if you've never held a job before, you can use other life experiences to demonstrate you have the qualities an employer is looking for. Learning to relate life experiences to common job duties will help you make a positive impression on poten

What Is ISO Experience?
by dante in Health
ISO refers to the International Organization for Standardization. ISO standards are manipulated according to principles formulated via the consensus of interested parties, industries and voluntary involvement from the market place. ISO StandardsISO has produced over 18,000 standards on different subjects for technical fields. These include fields such as mathematics, environmental science, manu
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How to Get Job Experience With a Low GPA
by Gold in Business
According to David Koeppel in an article for "The New York Times," large companies are using GPA as a guide for hiring employees for top positions. Anything less than a 3.0 GPA just won't cut it for these positions. If you have a low GPA, it can be difficult to get job experience, though not impossible.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Keep your low GPA off of your resume. Listing it is
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How to Get a Job When You Have No Experience
by vvv in Careers & Job Searching
Getting a job when you have no experience can be very tough, but you can do it. Having no experience should not keep you from getting a job that you would be happy to do. Here are some tips:

How to Get a Job With No Experience
by LDam in Careers & Job Searching
Finding employment with no job experience may seem daunting, but many opportunities exist for people with little or no work experience. Many businesses, like clothing stores and restaurants, hire workers with no job experience and provide on-the-job training. With careful research and with a well-written resume, you may soon find yourself with your very first job.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions
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How to Get a Job Without Experience
by bkircher in Careers & Job Searching
So, you have applied to several job advertisements in your local paper and spent hours applying for jobs through career search job sites and for some reason you never seem to get a response from the employers. Most employers require a specific level of experience before considering an applicant; this can be discouraging if you want to get the job but lack the experience required. On-the-job traini

How to Get CPA Experience
by Rahulmax in Business
A certified public accountant is a licensed professional that is an expert in all things financial. Taxes, auditing and routine accounting are all a part of the CPA's day-to-day job. Becoming a CPA involves schooling, experience and a licensing test. You can obtain the experience needed to qualify for your CPA license by working in various positions, or for different types of companies to acquire
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How to Get SQL Experience
by vasil in Computers
Experience with Microsoft SQL Server can be a valuable asset professionally, as well as for personal database needs. SQL Server is a complex and constantly evolving database environment, but everyone at all levels of experience in SQL, or Structured Query Language, starts with the basics. The basics of SQL Server can be self-taught at little or no cost. With solid study and practice, any individua
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What Is PBX Experience?
by Alec in Electronics
PBX (private branch exchange) refers to a type of private phone network which consists of one external line to which all internal phones are connected. The operator of the PBX system connects the external line to particular offices in the network by using assigned 3- or 4-digit numbers, called extension numbers. OperationTo obtain PBX experience, you must be familiar with using the appropriate
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