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Does Perfume Expire?
by wpoch in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Perfume is part of a ten-billion-dollar marketplace. Extremely competitive, with major ad campaigns based on extensive market research, each new fragrance targets a precise demographic and has a limited life span. Top models become the “look” of a brand. Elaborate marketing is one factor that contributes to the high cost of perfume. Precious oils are another. Learn to spend your fragra

When Does My Bankruptcy Expire?
by Canada in Personal Finance
Bankruptcy is a last resort for many individuals who are experiencing financial issues. Before an individual makes this very serious move to resolve financial problems, it is important to first understand all of the consequences, including how long it takes for a bankruptcy filing to expire from a credit report. What Is Bankruptcy ?When someone files for bankruptcy, he declares that he is offic

Does Lamp Oil Expire?
by Mytime34 in Home & Garden
Lamp oil is a necessary item for outdoor enthusiasts and those living in areas where electricity is not readily available. If you live in an area where electricity fluctuates often, based on environmental factors, then you should invest in lamps that run on lamp oil. The lamp oil lasts for years and even decades, and as long as you have oil lamps, you always have access to lighting. Considerati
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What Happens if Tax Cuts Expire?
by YooperDave in Personal Finance
When the tax plan commonly known as the Bush-era tax cuts was largely extended through 2012, it only delayed a wider debate over tax policy. But pending additional Congressional action, you can make financial moves until 2012 knowing the short-term tax ramifications. To fully take advantage of this period of relative certainty, it's also important to understand the primary effects on your return i

When Do IRS Tax Liens Expire?
by Bakafish in Personal Finance
A federal tax lien filed on your property is a serious problem and can feel suffocating. Liens don't last forever -- depending on when they were filed, they expire after six or 10 years -- but waiting them out isn't advisable, and if you can't simply pay off your tax debt, you should explore other avenues of managing your lien; nevertheless, you should be aware of the details of the lien's statute
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Do MREs Expire?
by vxnick in Culture & Society
Meals ready to eat (MREs) were designed for the Apollo space mission and subsequent space flights. They have since by a mainstay of the American military. But from the beginning, shelf life was a prime concern. Army DataDifferent groups estimate the shelf life of MREs slightly differently. According to the Army, the shelf life varies from a month to over 10 years, depending on temperature; hi
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Does Honey Expire?
by Lucas Thompson in Food & Drink
Although jars of honey are printed with an expiration date, some say that honey never expires. In fact, archaeologist T. M. Davies discovered honey in remarkably good condition in a 3,300-year-old Egyptian tomb. However, depending on storage, honey can turn cloudy and lose its aroma and flavor. High SugarHoney's high sugar content and low moisture makes it a hostile environment for bacteria and
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Does Fertilizer Expire?
by vxnick in Home & Garden
Fertilizing is an important landscape management practice that help plants and grass to grow optimally by providing all nutrients that may not be present in soil. Amending soil with fertilizers strengthens roots and shoots and increases flowering and fruit production. Plants like trees, shrubs and newly seeded lawns establish better with the addition of fertilizer. Fertilizers have a specific shel

Do Seeds Expire and Go Bad?
by amenx in Home & Garden
Inside every seed is everything an adult plant of that species needs to get started in life -- which makes relatively tiny seeds a remarkably compact and efficient approach for storing future generations. To varying degrees, seeds also protect future plant generations against drought years and other inhospitable growing conditions. The oldest known viable seed -- from a 2,000-year-old Judean date
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Does Debt Expire?
by Samuel K in Personal Finance
Debts do not last forever. Even if a person signs a contract promising to pay back a debt in full and fails to do so, the creditor will not be allowed to pursue payment of this debt past a certain period of time. This is known as a statute of limitations on debt collection. In addition, a debt will only be listed on a person's credit report for a finite amount of time. DebtNot all debts are the
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