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An Explanation of ERP
by amelim in Computers
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, a methodology for integrating business applications such as payroll, finance and customer relationship management. ERP is basically a single system that includes multiple business functions, an alternative to single-purpose software. HistoryEnterprise Resource Planning or ERP originated in the late 1980s, when relational databases were replacing olde
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Explanation of LLC
by evisseliaib in Business
An LLC, or limited liability company, is a business structure that lies between sole proprietorship and full-blown incorporation. Each person in an LLC is called a member, and LLCs can be run by one or many members. AdvantageThe LLC structure separates an individual's property from that of the company, meaning that in the case of debt collection and lawsuits, only the company's assets, not priv
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Explanation of an IRA
by PliotronX in Personal Finance
An IRA is an account that is used for retirement savings. There are two types--traditional and Roth--and each has tax advantages. There are many reasons to save through an IRA and only a few drawbacks. IRAThe funds in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) grow tax-deferred as long as they're not withdrawn until you're age 59 1/2 or older. Money withdrawn early is penalized an additional 10 per
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different explanation
by IeraseU in Programming Languages

The code

$global_obj = null;
class my_class
var $value;
function my_class()
global $global_obj;
$global_obj = &$this;
$a = new my_class;
$a->my_value = 5;
$global_obj->my_value = 10;
echo $a->my_value;

echoes 5, not 1

USB Hub Explanation
by Anthony Perkins in Computers
A USB Hub is used to connect multiple USB capable devices to a computer desktop or laptop. A USB Hub allows users to instantly expand the number of available USB ports on their computer. Any devices that connect to a computer via USB connection can be connected to a USB hub. FunctionA USB Hub is used to expand the number of USB devices that can be connected to a computer at once. The USB hub is
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Explanation of E=mc2
by Lafe in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Einstein's famous mass-energy equivalence theory, summarized in a short, famous and easily memorized equation--E=mc2--is heralded as one of the cornerstones of physical science. History of E=mc2Einstein's mass-energy equivalence theory was, in part, an offshoot of his theory of special relativity. His formulas indicated a mathematical equivalence in the motion of mass and its energy content. He
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An Explanation of DVD-R & DVD+R
by n3. in Computers
DVD-R and DVD+R are recordable DVD formats. Both have a storage capacity of 4.7 GB, and users generally store data or video files on them. The two formats, however, are not interchangeable. DVD-RDeveloped in 1997, the DVD-R format is approved by the standards group DVD Forum, which Mitsubishi, Sony, Hitachi and Time Warner founded. DVD-R discs are compatible with 93 percent of all DVD Players a
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A CPM and CPC Explanation
by patheems in Internet
"Cost per mille" and "cost per click" are two systems for paying online publishers who display advertisements on their websites. The amount spent in the United States on online advertising exceeds $20 billion each year according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and new publishers launch websites every day hoping to claim a share of these potential earnings. Cost Per Mi
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Explanation of ++val++ and ++*p++ in C
by Gerhard Miller in Web Design
int val = 5;
printf("%d",++val++); //gives compilation error : '++' needs l-value
int *p = &val;
printf("%d",++*p++); //no error

Could someone explain these 2 cases? Thanks.

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Explanation of an EOB
by sdculver in Health
You'll typically see the words “This is not a bill" when you view an explanation of benefits. While that statement might cause a sigh of relief, it doesn’t explain why you’re receiving the health care summary. Health care providers send the summary to provide a detailed break down of the health care services you received and the cost. EOB BasicsAlthough every health insur
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