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Grails Export Plugin - Export Div Content and not a class list like in the docs
by hondaf17 in Web Design

after installing the grails export plugin
and adding

<r:require module="export"/>

<export:resource />

to my GSP with the final goal to render the containing DiV/table Contents to PDF.

--- There are no classes rendered it is just a due javascript dyamically generated calculation table for a payment proc

How to create a .jar file or export jar on IntelliJ (like eclipse java archive export)
by ancapdev in Java

I was using IntelliJ-IDEA IDE , I want to create a jar file from java compiled class files. but I not found command or file, How to create a jar file (like eclipse java archive export)

JasperReports Server: Scheduled Export of Excel different than manual export
by Mytime34 in Development Tools & Services

I have a JR report being run on a JR Server. I have it set up to export with isIgnorePagination="true" and OnePagePerSheet="true". This works as expected when I manually run the report and choose export both from the JR Server web interface and the iReport interface but if I schedule the report to run automatically, the exported spreadsheet has many pages instead of

How to Apply for an Export License to Export or Import Food Goods to the USA
by Stjepan in Careers & Job Searching
Agricultural exports from the United States require an export certificate from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Obtaining an export certificate requires Food Safety and Inspection Service Form 9060-5, except for exports to Canada or Russia. The export certificate is for the benefit of the importing country. The certificate details the health of the animal, animal husbandry methods, food process

Export Gridview to Excel: Cannot export the correct data displayed
by svn in Programming Languages

I need to export my gridview data to excel. No problems for this.
All works correctly
The problem is i can apply filters to the data displayed in the grid. And when i want to export only those data (once the filter is applied), it exports ALL the data contained previously in my grid before the filter.

I hope i'm clear enough...

This is the code i'm using:

HTML Table Export to CSV wont export more then 50 rows
by Miklebud in Web Design

I have got an export script that takes my HTML table and exports it as a csv.

The only problem is it seems to limit itself to just 50 rows.

I'm afraid there is too much to paste on here but if you look in my head you can see the included files :)


PowerShell doesn't export Length with Export-Csv cmdlet
by chr6 in Programming Languages

So when I run Get-ChildItem on a directory the output will have "Length" however, when I then pipe to Export-Csv the output has a lot of additional information, but "Length" is no longer included for some reason.

Is there a way to make sure "Length" is incuded with all of the information that piping to Export-Csv provides?

How to use stsadm export avoiding to export the user names
by Steve M in Software

I want to export a site with "stsadm export" in order to import on an other server

My structure is good but it imports all the user names and I don't want these users

Can anyone tell me how to do to keep my security groups without the users??

thanks in advance


Grails 2.1: How to use “schema-export export”?
by davidg in Development

I would like to (re)create my database schema using the command "schema-export". DDL generation works fine, but if I execute "schema export export", I get the following error, which suggest that there is something missing in a configuration file.

grails> dev schema-export export
| Compiling 1 source files.....
Exporting in environment 'development' for the default Da

How can i export the values into the Export to Excel using the 'source' attribute?
by Orkspalter in Programming Languages

We're using the servlet for the export to excel that servlet name is 'MultiTableExportServlet'. We need to pass three parameters for the servlet that is 'multitablesId','name','type'. The 'multitablesId' name is used to identify the particlur export to excel where using the jsp. The 'name' is used to identify the export to excel name. The 'type' is should defined the excel then only it populate

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