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Extracting PDF attachment with droidText for extracting an attachment from a PDF file
by psolord in Web Design

Has anyone used droidText (http://code.google.com/p/droidtext/) for PDF processing. I am trying to extract an attachment from a PDF using this library. I tried the code used for iText for the same tasks, but it does not work. Suggestion is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Extracting value in php
by Rit Li in PHP

I have a string like this "firstname lastname(email)" and I want to extract "email" from this string in php. What should I do? any solution...

TAGS : Extracting value

Extracting XML with PHP
by slpnshot in PHP

I know how to use simplexml_load_file to get XML results if the XML format is


However, I have some code that is in the format

<fruit type="banana" skin="yellow" />
TAGS : Extracting with

Extracting IDs from params
by bauer100 in Programming Languages

I wonder if anyone could help with this. I am dynamically building a
form with numbered text fields like:

<input name='product_quantity_<%= product.id %>' />

This produces params like: product_quantity_1, product_quantity_4,
etc. I was thinking that I could access these parameters like
param[:product_quantity_#{product.id}] but thi

Extracting information from $?
by JGKelly in Programming Languages

Can you please provide good explanation about the following perl code snippet. I got some idea from google but still lots of basic confusion is there. great help if you can provide small notes on it

$exit_value = $? >> 8;
$signal_num = $? & 127;
$dumped_core = $? & 128;

Extracting from XML using Regex
by Thomas in Programming Languages

Need a regular expression to catch the everything nested in target tag.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
"<x id="c400c8394f0a" pid="NLCaption" name="NLCaption" />Caption"
<target />
<target><x id="a1e6b03cb682" pid="NLSheets" name="NLSheets" />Sheets"</target>

Extracting images from a PDF
by Vlad Sirenko in Mobile Programming

I am having a little query regarding Extracting specifically images ( only images ) from a supplied PDF document in iPhone Application.

I have gone through the documentation of apple - But I am failure to find it.

I have done following efforts to have the Image from PDF Document.

// MyGetPDFDocumentRef is cus

Extracting head tag
by terrestris in Programming Languages

I try lots of things but I couldn't extract content of head. Any one help?

Original XML: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3482709/English_sense_induction.xml.zip

Here is the text:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE corpus SYSTEM "sense-induction.dtd">
<corpus lang="en">
<lexelt item="explain.v">
TAGS : Extracting head

Extracting GPU information using C++ (and hopefully WMI?)
by Funkwarrior in C & C++ & C#

I'd like to know how to extract GPU using C++. However, the information that I'm interested in is not the data that is available from the Win32_VideoController class (ahh.. the Murphy's Laws of Programming). Specifically, I'm interested in the (Memory and Shader clocks).

I'd like to know how to get at that information.

I'd like to avoid DirectX querying if possible, due

extracting N from lme summary in R
by dummyadresse in Programming Languages

I'm looking for a quick way to pull out the number of observations (N) generated in the summary of a lme test, instead of copying and pasting? I found this online but the command doesn't appear to be built-in and the textreg package isn't uploaded to this site.

https://r-forge.r-project.org/scm/viewvc.php/checkout/pkg/trunk/R/texreg.R?revision=28& root=texreg&pathrev=30


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